A Woman of Depth Guiding You Home

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"May this be a tender touch, a sweet warm embrace to welcome you home to your tender hearts vocabulary." - Zoe-Anna 

As I write a pure and translucent account of wise intentionality. It is a gift to awaken a stirring & rich roaring within your carefree wild heart. Many aspects, perhaps lost and forgotten and to invite you into the depths of this existence.

I speak to the feminine and the Feminine Rising beyond biology and into the TRUTH of why I am here and how many are still wondering what I am. This is to the deep women, that often feel invisible and have endured lifetimes of initiation to prepare for this time. This is also a message to the sacred masculine as he too has her essence flowing through his veins. It is time for these wise women of the earth to be heard.

The deep woman is a vessel of source, pure energy with the potentiality to change the structure of the finite. The deep woman has come to bring peace and balance to the earth, to restore conscious awareness with the magical feminine light, the source of creativity and spiritual power.

The deep woman is untamed, radiant and cannot be stopped. She has lost much to shift beyond external cravings of the material world, her wings of faith and trust reach far and wide as she has transcended the need for security or short-term fulfillment. She has explored beyond the mundane with the playful curiosity of life wonders, as she immerses into the depths of existence.

Many times, this deep woman has met confrontation within this illusionary earthly plane, she has Quantum leaped beyond mind-body, to dissolve all aspects of trauma and fragmentation. As the explorer, she has left no stone unturned until she has restored each cell into its purest state. She has transmuted her DNA and disengaged all remnants of her Reptilian DNA, so as to have full sovereignty over aspects of reality.

She is a weaver of Magick, unveiling the hidden and once shamed wisdom, many times she was often burned at the stake. Her power was feared. Her essence was to heal and to love. Many times, betrayed, both by kin and tribe. Each dagger she removed from her back was an invitation to explore even deeper within. Her heart shattered into tiny pieces to remember its infinite presence & birth to her sacred wisdom. She is an embodiment of ever-flowing cycles of magnetic and healing energy, the conduit between heaven and earth.

From the Earth, left alone, she has risen above her weariness again, and again, never complaining and refining her rising. Her will was fierce and courage relentless, at times she wished to leave, and remained as her mission engrained by Humanities blood & tears. After all, she was born on a prayer.

Her breath, her eternal lover, formless, faceless and his presence that penetrates her existence, she is never alone. Her stillness is often misunderstood, as in those deep sacred moments she is a powerful force of nature. Her breath has touched aspects where her trauma once hid and guided it to be seen, heard, loved and released. Many men have watched in awe as she has unleashed into the emotional depths of a wild roar. He has seen nothing so chaotic yet delicately and masterfully orchestrated released. Her ability to bounce back from the darkest depths of anguish, and a gift to guide many into the powerful feminine. Teachings suppressed over lifetimes hidden.

This deep woman is often immersed in silence, as this is where she finds eternal peace and harmony, the ultimate symphony. For her, it is the Life of Grace.

Her thirst for unguarded intimacy never hides from shame. her aching is felt across continents in the air that is breathed. She only seeks the truth and transparency as she is pure truth as her Essence. Sensuality is engorged with the cosmic waves, her formless and infinite lover, as her Spirit dances Free.

This woman of depth never entertains gossip, she prefers to speak within intention with clarity and presence. Her words are direct and soothing, and often will step away to allow for space for the words to be felt. Each movement is sensual and deliberately performed.

She seeks solace and council from the Earth's skin, the Trees every changing linen and the spirits that dance upon the wind. She is a light upon this New earth's Grid, a bringer of the codes and Ancient Womb wisdom swelling to be birthed. She understands the wisdom of her womb's sacred blood and magical bonds created between loving souls. Purity to dissolve all remnants of dirtiness, shame to be undressed and welcomed in with LOVE.


When a deep woman makes love, it is a dance within the higher dimensions and beyond the physical realms. She is deep and intense or not at all. If you cannot be seen in her depths, then a soul will never sit at her table. She feels energy beyond biology and is here to guide others deeper into these higher states of consciousness. A deep woman has walked the path of the Higher Priestess and embodies Sophia Wisdom. She is willing and content to walk alone in Divine Grace.

Her eye gaze is a deep offering, a vital practice so she can touch beyond touching to bring peace so many others feel safe. She dives into her own fears with ease and grace, surrendering each jagged edge. Willingly allowing what needs to shift through and drawn out of her body, until it is done. Her hands are healing and she has seen and experienced it all.

She is here to evolve consciousness, to guide into the underworld and access the galactic realms, she is a bridge, a representation of the evolution of Soul. She has seen, lost and birthed it all. She is often invisible to the commercial world as her depths cannot be understood in shallow depths.

She feels alive and free as she leaps into the unknown, she is love, raw & ripped upon wide. Her ripeness is richness, her essence is healing, she is patient and endearing. No matter how many times she has experienced disappointment, her courage is felt as she is birthed again and again.

This lifetime is NOW where it all comes into cohesion and coherence.

She is the totality of nature, embodied in flesh, blood & bones. Her blood emanates her passion and each step she takes is with intention as her presence converses with the Mysteries of the cosmos. Deep women impact all they come into contact with, they are here to assist healing and restore open presence and breathe fresh life into the heart-wisdom of all.

The deep women are the Feminine Rising, to be the guides and leaders in this luminous teaching to restore humanities innocence. To bring forgiveness to actions of hurtfulness.To elevate the earth's frequencies and lift the veil upon humanities blindness.

When she meet the one that truly sees her in all her wild unravelling beauty, her dark chaos and mysterious depths or embodied wisdom, pure and sacred alchemy naturally blossoms. Their divine union is a shift that is forming a sacred bond across the grid of the earth. He sees her as he fully sees and embraces his own magnificence and rising. He is unafraid to share his vulnerability, stands in his own authority to shine & rise in his own glory and wisdom. There is no desire to control one another, as they fit perfectly, they belong to one another...

Here to guide the lost, often forgotten & curious back to their hearts, as L O V E is the way.

Take my hand, as in this touch you will feel safety, a warmth of coming home and towards a life that the depths of your heart remember. All you have to do is trust in the unknown, your intuition guiding to have faith being restored.

The intuitive wisdom of the deep woman has been hidden, often unspoken and it is the sacred acts and daily rituals these women are keeping safe, to bring new life and hope for humanity.

I am love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

The future of humanity and Sovereignty is within each of our hands. It is TIME. 

I invite men and women and even those a little uncertain to explore the Shamanic De-Armouring Massage. A unique offering to supports healing to begin to free the layers of tension held to body. It is time to explore and open into your fullest expression. 

After posting this, I unravelled some more and got stuck into my own sacred and primal releasing on the floor, sobs of old sadness, grieving and unworthiness. The journey ever invites a deeper level of compassion & humility to remember each layer holds a gift to be expressed. Love & gratitude.

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Originally scribed in 8.8.2020

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