Alert – Aware & purposeful…

The ego is not the enemy. The enemy will hide in the last place you will ever look.

Alert - relaxed and aware, is very different to hyper alert - stressed and numb!

Until you can learn to lead self by becoming aware of the distractions of the mind and taking action to take ownership, be accountable,  and taking responsibility for the game of life you are playing, then you will be unable to lead others and will never reach true success!

Here are some questions to ask yourself.Are you a hippy going through the motions of floating through life, with no daily strategy or action steps? Floating like a  stinky turd in an ocean called, complacency?


Are you militant that you never stop to reset or relax your nervous system, always busy and nor really getting anything done? The dreamer that makes many plans and nothing shifts.

This is many in the 'Spiritual community', focused on the external world, spreading versions of messages of truth and yet, consumed by noise and complaining about external world.

Yet, their inner world is a stinky shit storm rotting in their nervous system. An eco-system of chaos and set for dis-ease!

Are you BEING useful in making a difference in the world OR are you a useless complainer, adding kerosine to the fire, or perhaps the stinky floater here to consume the resources of the planet?

It is all a choice!

As conscious continues to rise and intensify, then unless you are taking daily actions steps to rise into leadership, then the road will be super rocky and the ocean turbulent.

We live in a society where the 'passing of the buck' has become a social culture and a pattern in avoidance of taking responsibility. When this happens in a team, then the team fails, with more carrying the load. It leads to laziness and avoidance. Making it always someone else's fault or problem.

It produces limited impact!

Are you in for team humanity?

To play a the creator level, then you have to be willing to put in the conscious daily effort to step up your game and take a leadership role in the team, which begins with the YOU-Self.

ACTION & commitment to self.

The discipline of meditation is a vital place to begin, as this will create mental, physical, psychological and spiritual transformation.

You cannot serve others until you have been willing to lead self in practices of self-discipline, Hence why the path of the yogi supports moment to moment awareness and alertness, to be ready to respond.

A path of self-love & self-respect is a step in the path of devotion to a higher power / source/God creator.

2023.. is intense and you will need a'sit your ass still' practice to be grounded, calm and in your centre, right now!

DISCIPLINED practices are KEY.
A stable LIFE-RAFT is vital.

Learn to meditate today, over the holidays, and make this a lifestyle shift as consistent as rushing your teeth, twice a day!

Find your ANCHOR to truly leverage as the path is to Impact with peace,


The Maharishi Effect

Transcendence Meditation level

Zoe-Anna Bell
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