How to do you define a strong man, in relation to a woman?

How do I define a strong man, in relation to a woman?


This was the question, I was asked following a meme shared; 

I find women that speak over men with no space for him to speak boring & a societal theme.  Weak men & women acting like men is highly unattractive!!

Embodied Feminine presence needs minimal words!


Many are drowning in silence right now, as their minds are in self-destruct implosion mode. 

Some are lashing out in righteousness as fear hides behind closed doors. Perhaps, the greatest strength may be, in this moment is to reach your hand out to another, or perhaps that is you, asking for support! 

No matter your biology we all long to feel love, and it begins within.


Men, you are not here to lead women, it is your mission to know how to lead-self. To align to the beat of your own drum, as both sexes have a unique resonance of gifts. As a warrior mother of boys growing into men, they follow their own beat and ever observing my step from a far!

We each lead by example and we each have a Soul contract. 

Wise women, do not have to fill the space with noise, her loving presence may be the greatest guidance to explore the darkness that wrestles within. Many men are wounded by opening up to women and then feel rejected, not seen and so the wounding between the sexes continues. 

Yes, part of a woman's design is to support the man she chooses in his mission, that is, after her own soul mission, as both are here to restore balance. 

I invite you to read an old blog ...

Are men & women equal value? 


Firstly, how does society generally define strength? 

Strength defined in physical terms, can be measured, tested and challenged. 

It often some misleading impression from a man’s physical form. 

The STRONGEST man lifts weights, and has massive muscles. This has been a view for many years, even holding your shit together and putting the fake smile on still seen as strength with the selfies of a false life! 

I am sure there are a minority of women that can lift heavy weights and have the strength as some men, yet, by physical and genetic design, men are genetically physically stronger than women! I personally love muscles on both men and women. 

Observing a man beating his chest attempting to look powerful, often creates the exact opposite response in a woman. True strength does not need to be forced or pushed onto another. That is wounding... 'look at me!' 


I recently heard that men where emotionally stronger than women! oops... can such a sweeping statement we made? 
 I know many will disagree with this, and from memory of the conversation it was to do with tests as in the special forces and psychological strength in traumatic scenarios. I don't have the study, and to be CLEAR following studies is not my flavour, so feel free to do your research! I am sure many women will have the opinion that we are stronger, especially having monthly periods and giving birth vaginally or via a c-section. (there is still a recovery process).
Even being a parent, you need to have the strength and skin of an elephant! Haha. So, if you are not a parent then, sit down and shhhhh. 
Strength is expressed within many different ways! 


When it comes to the physical challenge of the masculine, this is a VITAL aspect of the masculine having a CONTAINERS to push back into PHYSICALLY.
Competition, contact sports, rugby, wrestling, movement, chopping wood, boxing, banter and play fighting. This ignites his inner charge and 🔥 passion of action in young men, and into adulthood. A key factor of men standing up for themselves and not getting walked over by society. It supports TESTOSTERONE and a way to RELEASE an abundance of hormones that are primal in programming. 
This charge of physical action is also vital for women and teenage girls! Rather than the complacency and apathy of many in society!  


If society had its way, men would be drained of all his testosterone and into obedience and submissiveness and women wondering WHY they have lost attraction to his ROARiNG primal essence! 
This is ONE vital aspect! 


Sadly, many boys have had over controlling, over protective women in their lives, (This is not a criticism, it is often what happens in a single parent family, where there is NOT a strong male role model to rough and tumble. ) many son's stepped into the PROTECTOR role in the family home from a young age.  Told raising your voice or ROARING is wrong and that standing in your OWN TRUTH is not acceptable. 
So, he become the ‘people pleaser’ of women, following the feminine like a lost puppy dog.  He may shift into the sexual manipulator and even the predator! This is not demonise men, this is to OPEN up the game that is being created by shaming men that speak up!
If I do and say what women want to hear, then  I will get my needs met.  Where SEX is TRADED in relationships. These obedient men getting promised sex after their chores all to be left hanging in a twisted 'balls on the keyring game'.  This is what is going on in society, A power struggle of men’s balls!  it’s nothing new, I was that women who was writing on this in 2013, as I understand men!

Men that STAND up and say Fk NO, get a BAD rap, and right now, it is attack the man that has an opinion or voice. The attention on the listen the woman with a masculine presence and cold & often wounded vagina! 

This is not feminine STRENGTH. 
It is an INNER game, firstly!
We are all seeking connection to our hearts! The feminine is infinite, resourceful, adaptive and abundant. Consciousness is feminine in nature!

If a mans strength is not by his by physical appearance or physical strength then what is it?

It is his emotional capacity to hold a container and to be WITHIN a container and SHIFT his emotions in to RESPONSE, rather than REACTION. 

Often, his emotions are criticised when he stands his ground and says no, then society labels him aggressive. Society wants his to be crying and this is where many women have dug in their manipulative claws totally misunderstanding the meaning of feminine consciousness. 

Brief translation of feminine consciousness. 

Tapping into the magnetic forces of limitless potential and not forcing things to happen. A state of allowing and surrender as this is where TRUE power is accessed, no matter our biology!! 


Life is a PLAYING Field for ADAPTATION!

 For a men to be able to hold this CONTAINER and REMEMBER what has been forgotten by many rites of passage into manhood, it is important to place him into an assimilation to TRIGGER his fight and flight within his body, to shift beyond the TRAUMA bonding and patterning. 

Yes, men ask to come and work with me, as the feminine is a BIG part of his healing! I have worked on men’s bodies in somatic bodywork, dropped him to the floor in a swift move, pushed my fists and knees into his belly, rocked him and moved him into different positions and guided him to UNLEASH his masculine to ROAR. My roar shakes the room, as he roars, his entire energy comes on line… even telling him to hold his masculine POWER shamelessly. No more shame of being a man! In come the TEARS and he gets to RELEASE, be WITNESSED and when ready, if aligned with his HELD, yes by the feminine Warrior. 

A container that is safe to surrender & allow into. 

Where there is TRUST built and OPEN communication. 

There is no judgment, and he is met with LOVE. 

A container that is being fully PRESENT with the process. 

A container that is stable, yet flexible, his healing guiding the way. 

A rare opportunity to be SEEN, heard and fully accepted. 

Yes, by the wise feminine. 



In this moment, I PAUSE

- my heart - calls out...


To honour the men that I have held space for. 

To honour these men that then held space for their brothers. 

To honour these men that then held space for their sons

Their partner and loved ones. 

To these men for doing the real inner work. 

To the men that brought their women to work with me. 

To honour the men that are working with the masculine.

I see you, thank you,



This to me is STRENGTH. 



His fearless and deepest heart calling to be accepted and loved. 

To forgive himself, for what he thinks he has done wrong. 


This to me is STRENGTH.


HIs courage to keep showing up and commitment to the inner work. 

His willingness to be honest, when he fucks up or is misunderstood. 

Fearless to call it out, if another hurts him, and the trust to be honest. 


This to me is STRENGTH. 


His courage to say NO, and not get talked over, to stay his ground. 

To own and freely express his unique sacred medicine voice. 

His shameless embodiment in full sensual arousal, no more shame!


This to me is STRENGTH. 

His attentiveness to want to understand the women he is with

HIs presence, to pause if she is not ready to open up to him, 

His tenderness, to invite deeper curiosity of her deepest fears…


This to me is STRENGTH. 


His commitment to stay when she pushes him away, 

His patience to keep understanding her, and exploring her wild canvas, 

His courage to grab her and unleash his primal, so she gets to soften.


This to me is STRENGTH.


His commitment to honouring his souls mission.

His passion for leaving his mark in the world, by his presence. 

His openness to step away if he is not growing.


This to me is STRENGTH. 


His commitment to continue to let go & trust 

His willingness to forgive and look forward.

His strength to forget what has long past. 


This to me is STRENGTH. 


To explore the wilderness of his darkness alone,

To stop rescuing others, to guide a new way,

His dedication to remembering his purpose & mission. 


This to me is STRENGTH. 


His vision for the structure of the new earth

His activation of his rainbow body as a leader

His natural essence to protect the Sacred feminine. 

To see ALL leaders of Self. 


As we return to Natures Way. 



Sacred salty tears flow as I honour the inner masculine that knows the masculine so well. To any woman that is scared of me, I invite you to explore what you are rejecting or fighting within, as you are missing the GREATEST gift of all….

Restoring HARMONY on EARTH….

The men are not here to save us,

The women are not here to save us,

It begins with you and you,

A path of BALANCING the energies within & without. 


I hold the same container for women, a few slight adjustments in approach and yet, we all want the same thing.  The container is the masculine, and yes, met in PURE LOVE AWARENESS. 


Unwavering Loving PRESENCE. 

Consciousness of the feminine. 

Source of all that is. 

She is CHAOTIC and S.H.E is Sacred healing energy. 

She is within US all..... 


It is what you don't understand that you JUDGE. Once you address the fear you are able to accept and understand one another!

One last reminder...

 I wish for this to be a warm caress to REMIND all the men and women how amazing you both are! We are born different for a reason, and wow, this is to be celebrated. I am sure there is more to this, and for now, this is my offering to share. 

Women, STOP talking over men, or dominating the speaking space! 

And for fuck sake men, STOP being talked over!!

Drop the BS of all the false expectations of society and ask;
  ‘what do you really want, and how do they truly wish to be treated and valued?

Until you love you and fill up on your FIRST and foremost then, have can you truly be there in your full MAGNIFICENT Glory.  For the women, tell the men (sons included)  in your life how AMAZING they are and WHY you appreciate and love them. 

How would you define a strong man, in relation to a woman?

I invite you to contemplate this……


The Future HueMan Experience kicks off in March 2023 - it's for warrior men and warrior women... as we are guiding a way!