Dreams -Healing - Heart opening

  • Dreams - Healing - Heart Opening


    Dreams are messages direct from the subconscious mind, and often dream state is where many of us badass spiritual warriors are deep in mission work. Sleep is key to assist the human in processing deep emotions from the psyche and initiations that take place with the dreamscape. It can often feel that everything is eventuated in dreamtime to get your attention. Since, 2019 I have noticed that when I am receiving and downloaded key codes /messages I will have dreams in succession over a 5 day span. Each dream reveals a message to unpack, then back into the same dream, yet new scene and continuum of the last. …. where now I am able to direct my dream before I drop off to sleep, a bit like being plugged into the matrix.


    Saturday Night Dreaming

    Friday and Saturday I was living as flow state, a lightness in being and an easeful and effortless as life was coming to me. Like I was floating and riding a smooth wave. It was day 3 of Five Element Acupressure Training, with John Kirkwood, and John expressed, Wow, Zoe, you are really in flow. In the evening I hung out with Charlie, my 13 year old, we chatted and the air was light and playful. Rested into bed at 10 pm as my left eye was stinging and began to run non stop and the fluid felt sticky and my eye ached. At 0055, I woke up screaming ‘No, get off me!!’ I was sitting bolt upright and was shaking. I lay back and attempted to fall back asleep with no success and was awake till 3.15 am. My left eye was streaming and got my workbook out of the study acupressure notes to look at the cycles. 0100- 0300 is the element of Metal and the organs Lung (Yin) and Large intestines (Yang).  The emotion was grief and I was sobbing deep waves of old emotions, ‘Letting go and it was around my heart’ and the disappointment in relationships with men and an old pain, the abandonment of my father as a child.
    I recalled my dream and I was getting attacked as if I was magnetising all objects, people, animals to me. One by one they were attempting to suck my life-force and attach themselves to my energy field.  It felt like a zombie movie