• Your vagina is talking, are you listening?

    Your vagina stores emotions and tells a story to what is happening on a deeper level. Yes, your vagina is talking – the question is, are you listening?


    Your emotions are energy in motion. I personally feel they have a greater impact on the cells more that what you eat and drink. As what you think, feel and vibrate will be a consistent frequency/ resonance. Many are unaware of their true emotions are they are scared to look beneath the surface and within the noise of the mind. 

    If you don’t know how you smell or taste of your vagina, then this is something to explore. It is the first step in personal self-responsibility. Go see now and a reminder that when you have more pubic hair your vagina will have more of a primal smell as your natural pheromones will be smelt. The less hair there is, the less of your pheromones are smelt. Many women are told by men that they are ‘dirty’ by not waxing and this is absolute BS. Cleanliness is cleanliness and everyone has a YOUnique smell and it is related to emotions.
    If it smells and tastes FUNKY there may be something else going on. 
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