• Rage is Not The Solution Humanity


    The suppression, repression and the injustice that women have experienced within a patriarchal and misogynistic society ruled by men was the coming to the end of the Masculine Consciousness and the transitioning into the Feminine Consciousness.  -  Zoe-Anna Bell, 24th May, 2021


    Lessons to learn, grow and evolve beyond as we dance within the experience of being human.  Feminine consciousness and the Aquarian Age is here and all is playing out, as is. Life is divinely orchestrated to RISE beyond and to assist human evolution and a shift far bigger that the Global stage noise. All is divine and all here to evoke this inner healing and a path into the HEART.
    Many are now speaking up about the injustice they have experienced, the sexual trauma, sexual harassment and there is an opportunity for healing. The temperature is RAW, real and jagged and filled with so much anger. I am sharing a different perspective and one I am courageous to express.

    I AM unapologetic and embodied in my essence with a deep love for men as much as women. I transmuted it all, justice never came and feel blessed for it ALL. The path is about 'Breaking Free' and this may mean one day stepping away from your past and choosing to let go of the worn out story. 

    This is a path as the spiritual badass, that overcomes everything!

    Resilience - adaptation - resourcefulness 


    This is not about blaming men as ALL of humanity is learning from the poor choices and the colourful experiences of your past. Healing is confronting and the heart is connected to the womb and mother Gaia is calling out for each to transform as the Feminine Rising if for all. 

    If you are making noise to 'join the noise' then you are feeding the agenda that you do not want. Your wounded inner child in the driving seat and you will be seen as unstable and this is the last thing we need. 

    To IMPACT Humanity begins at home, #innerwork
    This begins by seeking GUIDANCE to learn some tools.
    To take responsibility for your life in each moment.
    Be the change and access the S.H.E Embodiment.
    Stay present & FROSTY not reactionary!


    I get it, the anger and rage towards men that 'took without asking' as the injustice perhaps you have received. Yet, you may never get an apology or justice and the greatest come back is to rise beyond any of your past and shift from the chronic state of victim consciousness to towards a path of freedom. There is a rise of projecting the story and there is no safety net to support, which translates to: 
    You are still getting played!