Your Womb is a Sacred Power

  • Your Womb is a Sacred Power!

    Your Femininity is a gift!

    Your liberation is to the remember your sovereignty and awaken the light within You as 'Feminine Rising and Evolving Consciousness' is BEYOND BIOLOGY.

    Our planet has been pillaged, fed off and used for POWER and global DOMINATION. Society has become over sensitive and much is being swept under the carpet, to stay silent as many structures that has controlled and dominated global affairs is crumbling. This is a great awakening as there has been a WAR against the WOMB for thousands of years!


    It is time for MEN to make a stand alongside women that are STANDING up for Human rights and to HEAL humanity. There are MANY GREAT men and many are silent incase they loose their following (power) and influence (power and control). No more, step up and be seen as your voices are needed.


    This is NOT SEXUAL this is wise wisdom gained though my own inner healing and unlocking feminine wisdom from within. It is a doorway to beginning to Know thy self and heal from the INSIDE OUT and never feel powerless again!