Your Womb is a Sacred Power!

Your Femininity is a gift!


This feminine wisdom has been misused in occult rituals all to SOURCE power and the sacredness of this life-force disrespected. Like anything, with light there is dark, with life there is death, and everything has the potentiality to be misused. 

 Feminine Voices unheard 

It was only back in the 70’s that a woman did not have her own bank account in her name she had to have a credit card with her husbands name on it. 


It was not that long ago that women were viewed as dependent on men and her destiny was that of the wife and then mother as this was the law of the creator. 


It really is not that long ago and it is vital to state that consciousness began shifting from masculine to feminine. It is not about all the power going to women either!


This last statement is misunderstood and is now getting misused by many penis hating extreme feminists, that have forgotten what it is to to be a woman! 


Your liberation is to the remember your sovereignty and awaken the light within You as 'Feminine Rising and Evolving Consciousness' is BEYOND BIOLOGY.


Man/woman it is your purpose to come into balance, whilst living and being in harmony with NATURE, your inner and outer nature within the environment.  A journey of dancing and weaving with integrity and learning how to align with the 13 Lunar tides, the 4 seasons,  inner forces/sacred tides and the pulse of Mother Gaia underneath & the Cosmos above. We are walking wombs, powerful conduits/portal transmitters connecting the earth womb, embodied womb and  cosmic womb.

Bridge and code keepers of the ancient ways, an anchor between Worlds. 


Blocking a natural rhythm  

Birth control pills and implants are poisonous in the body.
The 'so called j -a- b for covid is an attack on the womb/fertility 
The scrapping of cervical cells (smears) cause localised trauma.
Tampons being used rather than collecting sacred moon flow for self-ritual.
Shame around menstrual bleeding.
Disconnected to nature and sensuality 'over-sexualised' 


Religious torture where menstrual blood is/was used for black magic rituals.
Women pillaged and used, her life force fed off and sold.
Women using their moon flow to to hook men in, in healing circles (yes, this happens, he then feels attached to her, a way she plugs into his life force!) 
Women using their moon flow and black magic to harm others. 


Yes, the feminine misuses this sacred flow, I will state this again! This is not about making men wrong! Many women partake in religious torture and black magic rituals. 

I will say this....

Nothing is new information. You only have to go back to Egyptian, Druid, Viking, Persian, and even Christian times and 'offerings' 'religious sacrifices' were made and for many it was revered an honour to be chosen.  A sacrifice to assist the passage, an exchange as such in magic. 

You've watched viking movies, right?

As I said about, where there is light, there is dark and where there is dark, there is light. Within this human experience, balance and harmony is required to restore PEACE.

This is a time of many things being exposed, the unseen brought into the light and the path is to embark upon the individual healing journey to awaken and remember what has been forgotten and to use your life force for the highest good and to bring no harm on others! 


The feminine is resilient, resourceful, adaptable and regenerates in the most barren of environments. We are infinite beings having a human experience and much of this sacred wisdom was hidden and yet, all the CODES and wisdom are within each and every one of you. 

A woman and her 13 monthly moon cycles are a vital aspect to rebalancing humanity and restoring balance. 

Men also got through their own cycles, as we are all cyclical in nature.

We are in a time of healing and returning to INNOCENCE. 


Our Natural resources 

Our planet has been pillaged, fed off and used for POWER and global DOMINATION. Society has become over sensitive and much is being swept under the carpet, to stay silent as many structures that has controlled and dominated global affairs is crumbling. This is a great awakening as there has been a WAR against the WOMB for thousands of years!


A Vulva can stop wars as well as create wars!!

No wonder the womb wisdom was hidden. 


 Sexual Liberation

The liberation of sex led to her sacred powers being fed off, her body being misused and taking away her natural rhythms that align with nature by controlling birth control. This synthetic drug, 'the contraceptive pill' messed with her natural connection to her cycles and the powerful creativity that happens with insight during the moon phase of bleeding. 

Many women for many years were left abandoned or blamed for a pregnancy, however it took both the man and woman to perform the act! Hence, why the birth control pill provided a surge of freedom and sexual liberation in the 60's.

Let’s be honest!

Birth control was created for the wrong GENDER!
Men can impregnate 9 women everyday for 9 months that is 2430 pregnancies compared to 1 pregnancy for a woman.
SCIENCE is making pills and devices for the WRONG gender.
It is a woman’s right to control HER OWN cycles, orgasmic ability and choosing when she wishes to get pregnant. Yes, she chooses when she wishes to conceive and like many animals in the animal kingdom will choose the strongest, most viable sperm. 
This war on the womb is impacted the globe from men, women and children. As I scribe I collect my own monthly life-force blood to honour my free flow and to use in self-honouring rituals. Such as replenishing the skin on my face, balancing my body and accessing the Divine wisdom of this sacred power, whilst aligning with the rhythm of nature. I stopped birth control in my early 20’s and learnt my cycles, 13 bleeds per year and ovulating on day 13… this is natural rhythm and my moon aligns with the New Moon.
This is an art ritual with my own menstrual blood to celebrate my Yoni. Picture taken from Wildflower - Reclaiming a sacred place. 


The feminine essence and wisdom accesses higher dimensions. Her wisdom and magic potions sought off in private and a deeper understanding of the mystics. She was used to source and gain more access to the unknown, all for gaining more POWER.  Then she was tossed aside, ridiculed and shamed in public, burnt at the stake or tied to a chair to see if she drowned, and was labelled a WITCH!


Chaos and Change 


Everything is all playing out right now in divine harmony, the chaos of change is magical. 

No matter where you are at, the journey to knowing thy self requires you to be courageous to take the pilgrimage into the darkness of Your own shadows.

The WOMB is a place of darkness and a giver of light.

The WOMB is SACRED, warm and rich with LIFE, the womb is a portal to higher dimensions.

Even if you've had your womb removed, you are still a complete woman, and you have a spiritual womb. 

The womb is s direct cosmic mother. She is the giver of all life.

The womb is the Holy Grail.

A doorway between worlds and a realm beyond worlds.


Men have a Womb center 


Men have a spiritual womb the centre, called their HARA. A point very close to the naval and the centre of vital life-force. This central axis point is how you can begin to how to work with FLOW of energy and towards self-mastery. 

The womb / Hara centre that has an umbilical chord connecting us each to the inner and outer worlds, connected to existence, the portal of life and death. It is this powerful centre that magnetises life and experiences to us, whilst cultivating our influence/impact.  This force field beams and radiates our light / auric field around us and is often referred to as SHINE. Children radiate this pure life force and this is why demonic and nefarious individuals and groups seek out this pure life force to access 'short lived' power. 

Men also hold trauma in their bodies created from the wounding of their INNER FEMININE and the programming through child development into a wounded adult. Men cry and bleed when they hurt and its vital for men to see that the menstrual cycle is not a dirty event and being to honour the women in their lives. Men are yearning to be nourished as many have been shamed by the feminine. 


By shaming a female during her periods, this is shamming that vulnerable aspect within and damages magnetism and SHEN (life glow energy). This is another way that you are lowering your immunity and force field of sacred protection!

It is time for men to hold space for women as she accesses higher states, as when he does she will open up a realm beyond the consciousness mind and SHE needs HIM as together they RISE. A Divine Union within SELF, and then bringing this into Sacred conscious relating. 


Women sitting together 


I am calling in women to be guided in this sacred work and pass this onto their daughters, granddaughters, sisters, mothers in their life. This is the work that was shared in the RED TENT. A sacred space created for women at their moon time, guiding girls into womanhood and facilitating the celebration of the Feminine Wisdom. There is a REASON this was for women and rarely for men, that is, unless he had passed tests to not misuse this sacred power. The deep inner work begins with addressing the phases of development and healing the layers of shame, guilt, rage and suppressed anger.

Womb Codes 

GAIA put out the call and these CODES are within each of You. I am here to GUIDE You how to activate and unlock a pathway to access the Fountain of Life, the golden flow of nectar and a path to Bliss consciousness.  This Inner healing is vital to shift into the New Earth and access the garden of EDEN. This is a PORTAL to access higher states of consciousness and is the LEAP beyond the previous personal development programs. It is time to Quantum Leap.


We are returning to 

The garden of Eden of AB-orignials 

A= Man B =Woman

Original humans. 


Women stop allowing this vessel to be fed off.

Men stop allowing your seed to be fed off. 

Men, your seed (sperm) is sacred life force nectar!


 Have you had any of these 'misunderstandings?' The voice of judgment in your head, spoken it out loud or mumbled under your breath? 



Using your hormones as an excuse.

You are in a man’s world so will have to function like a man.

Buckle up and bite your lip.

Don’t expect a company to support your womanly needs if you want to be respected and treated with equal rights! 

Stop showing your emotions at work

You want to be paid like a man that you need to show up as a man.

You have to STRIVE for success, to GET to the TOP.

If you don’t fight for it, a YOUNGER woman will replace You.

It must be the time of your month

Are you on your rags?

You are sounding wild and chaotic do you have your period darling?

Have you taken your medication?


This is Sexual discrimination in the workplace and family home.


Be confident to stand in your power and stop catching the BS.

Stop being so polite and STOP referring to women as pretty, hey beautiful and hey sexy.  


START using our name and when you speak to women don’t speak to her chest otherwise she may have to look directly at your dick and LAUGH!!

Society has been way too easily offended and hiding behind the masks! Do you get offended if you see a woman with period blood on her dress in public?

 Wear your warrior blood with honour and STOP this shaming of something so natural and beautiful.


How have you judged other women when they are opening up into their heart space?

Have you fed off your female friends for their wisdom to then share as your own thoughts, all to gain attention or to look more powerful? 

Have you taken content and not acknowledged the resonance of words of the author? Where are YOU feeding off the feminine essence?

Get honest, I have done this, had it done and it is damaging to the sisterhood and brotherhood.


Your femininity is creative, she is your wild imagination, your dark depths of chaos and limitless potential of power. She cannot be controlled as she is infinite and this scares most. This is infinite power with ZERO desire to control anything, it does not need to control or manipulate anything else. 
Learn how to replenish your life force without any need for another, as this is a vital key to being self-responsible.  Nourish you and honour the cycles of your womb, listen and listen some more, to be guided by inner wisdom. 


It is time for MEN to make a stand alongside women that are STANDING up for Human rights and to HEAL humanity. There are MANY GREAT men and many are silent incase they loose their following (power) and influence (power and control). No more, step up and be seen as your voices are needed.


This is NOT SEXUAL this is wise wisdom gained though my own inner healing and unlocking feminine wisdom from within. It is a doorway to beginning to Know thy self and heal from the INSIDE OUT and never feel powerless again! 

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As I go into this on a much deeper level with practical tips for self-connection and intimate connection with sacred loving rituals. 


Be the Healer and Teacher in your life, I am here to be your MIRROR, healing guide and Mentor. I look forward to connecting and being a part in your expanding journey as we as a collective return to innocence. 


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