A Fresh Canvas - Soul Reset

The Full Blood Lunar Undressing - a collective RESET of Soul.


Picture credits IG @YuKato - Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 8.11.22

This is a time of new beginnings & letting go.

Yes, all that is no longer aligned. 

Perhaps, a relationship 

Perhaps, a friendship 

Perhaps, a career path 

Perhaps, the old you

Perhaps, the story of your past. 


Ask you-self. 

What is taking up too much space?

What is draining your vital life force?

What is heavy and painful to carry? 

And ... 

What will be the cost if you continue to hold on? 


These past few weeks ...

I turned 51 years old, birthdays are strange to me. 

I got shaken & spun by a mystery encounter

My heart leaped, i followed my curiosity 

all to see i'd leapt alone.


I've been contemplating the true meaning of friendship. 

Who is my friend and who see me as a convenience? 

Am I really stepping up as a friend and what does it mean?


What shifted ....

I've been experiencing deep inner peace 

I've stayed in my calm centre 

and, i've allowed the 'old me' to die.


Wow, how lucky he was to get that part of me, as no one will ever see that part of me, again. 

How innocent I am when it comes to relationships. 

How lost in the dream did my ego become?

My heart is trusting and my faith unwavering, this gets misunderstood. 

Did I really honour my self-worth and self-love? 

How can I have deeper compassion & forgiveness for all?  


I have to remember, not everyone sees life the way I do.


On the flip side of the moon

The BEST is yet to come, and I feel him in the aether. 

Yes, I am a dreamer and believer in magic. 

Life is ever shifting for you! 

It is transpiring for you. 

It is aligning for YOU. 

U-niverse gets to create the Dream. 


My life 

I launch an online program 'The Future HueMan Experience' on 16.11.22

This has been designed & created over the past 5-6 months. 

Epic hueMans are coming on board as 'Ground Crew Team Humanity' 

My body is about to go through massive 'redesign' on 25.11.22

My feminine sensuality feels sensitive and innocent.  

I've been saying goodbye to my fake breasts


I've gone through a grieving & dying process. 

I am honouring a 'Pause' between responding to others. 

I am honouring the 'Pause', until I am met by an honourable man.

I am honouring, the commitment to my soul purpose.  

I am about to shift into massive expansion & creative blossoming as years of discipline and creativity are NOW being validated. I am ready and it is about to move super fast. 


Today, my claim came through, the approval to pay for my surgical procedure. 

Yes, I booked it in, absolute knowing and trusting that all would align. 


When you get the message.. this is SOUL SPEAKING.

Have the COURAGE to follow through.


What is your Soul saying to you right now?

What is ready to shift for you. 

Are you truly honouring & valuing you? 

When you listen, life shifts with you. 

If you ignore the messages, 

Life may flip you to redirect you. 


We will reset many times in our lives,

It is a choice and Lunar love is supporting you. 

11:11 is on it's way...

A powerful spiritual gateway to step through.

Born 1.11 at 11:11 

B-earth day celebrations my fellow Scorpio's 

We are the deepest signs for a reason,

To challenge others to explore beyond

The safety of the shores and to let go of 

Into the Great Mystery, called Life. 


Where is your Destiny calling and pulling you? 


With loving grace and a peaceful heart,

Zoe-Anna xo