C-Literature - The UNCUT Truth

  • (C)-Literature - the UNCUT Truth

    The Magic button and much more beneath the skin...


    The clitoris is often the go-to for orgasm and for many women the 'sweet spot / magic button' looses sensitivity and dulls over time. Many men go straight for the clit chasing the orgasm so he then feels he's satisfied her before he orgasms. There is such a cliche of what happens next, and for many women intimacy has become 'dull and boring!'  There is so much misunderstanding of this powerful organ of a woman's body and the vast erectile tissues not getting stimulated of massaged and men thinking that is he makes her orgasm many times, then he must be a great lover!!
    Time to burst a bubble, she orgasms when she is ready and a woman can learn how to orgasm beyond her fingers or even any form of penetration. If you are constantly rubbing one out, then you are depleting your Qi / Life force energy! 
    This is message is for both men and women!
    Many see a clitoris as this shinny pearl that is often hidden under a roll of vulval tissue, and many getting stuck on the head of the clitoris. There is a wealth of erogenous tissue that is beneath the surface and this erectile tissue wraps around the vagina and extends out towards the thighs.