Rage is Not The Solution Humanity

Humanity is bleeding rage...

The suppression, repression and the injustice that women have experienced within a patriarchal and misogynistic society ruled by men was the coming to the end of the Masculine Consciousness and the transitioning into the Feminine Consciousness has seen an emergence of rage -  Zoe-Anna Bell, 24th May, 2021

 it is healthier for anger and rage to come to the surface rather than staying pushed down. This is an initial step to beginning to work through unhealed trauma as it is released from the body-mind matrix. 

An uprising of saying : Enough is enough.

I view life as presenting lessons to learn, grow and evolve beyond.  We each have a choice to stay stagnated or to dance within the experience of being human in all our imperfectness.  Feminine consciousness and the Aquarian Age is here and all is playing out, as is. Life is divinely orchestrated to RISE beyond and to assist human evolution and a shift far bigger that the Global stage noise. All is divine and all here to evoke this inner healing and a path into the HEART. Whatever is distracting you is controlling you and you are giving your power over to IT. 
Stay trapped in your inner nightmare of suffering and trauma, or begin to RISE beyond?

Everything in life is choice by the meaning you give it and the reactions you have around it. It is a reason why so many remain bound in their past and thus recreating similar events into their future. 

The survival game becomes entrapment in the 3D prison

Being banished by the pack/society is a gift, not a curse!

And a lone wolf explores the unknown. 

The hero's journey to exploring the darkness,

The demons, the entities that hide within you. 

Injustice and sexual assault/trauma 

Many are now speaking up about the injustice they have experienced, the sexual trauma, sexual harassment within the systems (schools) and governments. Finally, voices are being heard, or are they?

What I have witnessed is the 'lip service culture', portraying a media message of brave women stepping up, that action is being taken, yet behind closed doors it is another story!  The patronisation and only sharing shinny aspects to give the impression that change is happening. 

The corruption is coming up to the surface and you can see it all playing out on the global stage, and yet, I don't see much justice being done. 

The climate is RAW, real and jagged, filled with so much anger, resentment  and rage. I get it, as I too experienced it, more than once. I am sharing a different perspective and one I am courageous to express as I found a way to Be Free. 

I AM unapologetic and embodied in my essence with a deep love for men as much as women. I am not a feminist, the word makes my stomach churn. I am a woman that transmuted it all when I was sill shunned and shammed by society. Sharing my story when it wasn't an 'in thing' to express your vulnerability.  In my story, the justice never came Yet, it was a path to 'Breaking Free' and acceptance of the past and letting it go. 

Yes, the predators were once the victim and many as the child. You see them on the global stage with a wounded inner child dressed in adult body suits and ego jousting, it's pathetic and 'weak leadership'. Humanity is healing on every level and redemption is a path for all. Karma becomes great justice for those that do wrong and bad shit, and they are getting SERVED.

Acceptance of what was, as it was a life experience within your path.

Not to accept the act, to accept that you cannot change the past. You can grow and learn from it as layer by layer dissolve all remnants from your body-mind matrix. You have an inner power that is infinite and free and no one or no thing can ever take that away once you activate it!

Speaking up is the start in your journey and if this is you then connect to be supported and break free. It is a sensitive path, topic and there is trauma to release, emotions to feel as the numbness begins to melt.  I share loving and direct guidance how to navigate the volcano of rage that erupts from the injustice. Yes, You each have gifts to share and the greatest justice of all is:

Breaking Free

The path as a spiritual badass, that overcame everything and by sharing my story from the healed perspective, ancestral trauma has been healed. Yes, Know right from wrong, seek justice where you can and do better! A path of learning to come into acceptance and learning to forgive. 

You are both the angel and demon, both are within.

The Mother Wound of the Womb is sliced right open and there is Global ROARING. Years of festering toxic repressed puss is NOW oozing out onto the 'Global Stage of Rage'

For many the scab has been knocked off and this is how it begins. It is this SURFACE of what is underneath it all and many people gathering in states of rage, and anger will feed the entity within. 

This keeps you stuck in your story as it feeds the hidden addiction of pain! 

There are still men that have a strong dislike and contempt for any women that stands up and expresses her voice. There are still men that have a habit of his 'penis falling out' and placing the blame and guilt on a woman. She was asking for it, she was teasing me and I couldn't control my sexual desires!! It is an excuse, weakness and lack of will. A man that has little awareness or respect for his own inner feminine, lost in the little boy syndrome and still getting amazed each time he has an erection. Too many have got away with it for way too long and all is being exposed by what is playing out. 

We have a society of people that live in a world based on blame- shame and guilt. We also have leaders (so called) that never follow through on their word, as there is much being hidden.

DISTRACTION is in full swing. 

The swamp is getting drained of the rats!

Look at the #metoo movement and this was another distraction to stir up the anger and rage and side step the pink elephant in the room. 

Link to watch #metoo 

This has been playing out for centuries and is a reason why sensuality got covered in a blanket of shame and a garment of guilt. The wild women that were free in her Spirit was seen as dangerous and was hidden away and this is where the underground sex industry began. The dark and mysterious world behind closed doors of secret pleasures.  An environment of much disconnection, dishonesty, denial, shame, blame and guilt. This all feeds the addiction. 

There are women that intentionally 'hook men' as a game of control & power!

Using him for pleasures and using him as a sex object! This has to be mentioned as I have heard women talking lustfully about men, and even using the words, I want to rape him!!

There are many women that treat men like crap, barking orders and acting like she has him on a leash. At the end of the day it all comes down to:

Lack of trust 

Lack of faith

Feeling unsafe - unresolved wounds.

Resentment and past rejections

Entity games playing out. 


I have written this before, any angry vagina is hostile territory. And an angry penis leaves angry energy within her vagina. Anger needs addressing and inner healing and the courage to be transparent is key. 

Really and truly there are many games being played out and much being played to create a culture of disempowerment!!

Both sexes are confused and the PRIMAL Instinct is getting lost in the noise and introduce the proposed 'Consent app' and you are giving your power away and FREEDOM of your VOICE and WTF happens when:


 You change your mind, 1/2 way through?? 

 Is this not giving your power over to an app?

Human embodiment of self-responsibility of healthy intimacy choices and giving away intuitive and sensual knowing.   

This app is a RED Flag 🚩 

You kill natural passion, you suppress INSTINCT, fuelling disempowerment

More rules - Less ability to think for self = the programmed robot!


What happened to 'Self-Responsibility, owning your choices and creating environments to develop healthy Self-Love & Healthy Self-esteem?' - Zoe-Anna 

I have been 'slut shammed' over the years by those that are afraid of their own inner sensual power (S.H.E Embodiment). Many are YET to understand this sacred energy as it is held under a pile of sexual trauma and the dark shadows created over time, it is like a thick fog suffocating the soul by the tissues of the body. 

It is where you hold onto weight, as a protective layer!

To create change is a process of raising consciousness and self-responsibility. There needs to be conversations that happen without finger-pointing, shaming and an expectation of an apology. If you are charged in raw emotions that are not healed and this is the greatest thing you can do to create impact is begin to explore this inner work and connect with me.


If you are making noise to 'join the noise' then you are feeding the agenda that you do not want. Your wounded inner child in the driving seat and you will be seen as unstable and this is the last thing we need. 

To IMPACT Humanity begins at home.
This begins by seeking GUIDANCE to learn some tools.
To take responsibility for your life in this moment.
Be the change and access the S.H.E Embodiment.


I get it, the anger and rage towards men that 'took without asking' as the injustice perhaps you have received. Yet, you may never get an apology or justice and the greatest come back is to rise beyond any of your past and shift from the chronic state of victim consciousness to towards a path of freedom. There is a rise of projecting the story and there is no safety net to support, which translates to : 
You are still being played!
The inner protective masculine in each women may have been pushed to one side as a little girl, her inner child screaming out in silence, or still feeling abandoned. An aspect that no longer trusts in the world and a belief that world is not a safe place. A protective external masculine armour develops and this can be seen in the badass. There is a time and place to draw your sword as a badass and to roar. I will never apologise for standing for my truth.  Yet, sadly, many women have deep raw wounds covered up with denial. The ego not wanting to be exposed from the game it is fighting, survival. 
Many women acting like men and have lost the warmth, understanding, kindness and compassion. We came here to love and what they don't realise is that the feminine surrendering is one of the most powerful forces of nature. 

Welcome to the 3D world and the ultimate PRISON and the mind-fuckery you keep feeding yourself as the self-created PRISON.


RAGE and ANGER is the beginning and the surface level of CHANGE.
Rage and anger is not the solution. 
Rage and anger ATTRACTS more rage and anger!!
Look at everything playing out on the media to create rage, anger and fear, you are being played to keep you stuck in reaction mode!


The solution is YOU and being the change so that you are NOT passing this down the ancestral lines. I repeat, this is not about blaming men as ALL of humanity is learning from the poor choices and the colourful experiences of your past. HEALING is confronting and the HEART is connected to the WOMB and mother Gaia is calling out for each to transform as the Feminine Rising if for all.

 I SEE SOULS beyond biology.
 Everyone has a story and even the story keeps you stuck.
The story for many becomes their identity and to let it go, feels like death itself, known as an ego death'


I share a way up the mountain and there are many ways.
To guide how to pull the weeds that grow each day,
To allow the flowers to BLOOM - THRIVE & SHINE
And EMBRACE your inner healing powers.


To RISE UNAPOLOGETIC in your SENSUAL Embodiment as a human right!

Life is NOT about agreeing and I invite you to connect especially if this triggers you as this is a key to follow and to unlock the gifts from within.
I am open to joining a public panel / discussion to explore these insights. It is time for all to be free. 
Suggested Workshops - Releasing Trauma through Story 
Suggested Bodywork - Sacred Healing - Sydney 


 Image by Andrew Haimerl - Unsplash 

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