The Cup & its Saucer.

The Story of the Cup and its Saucer!

Do you live life from a full cup, Zoe? 

This was the question I was asked during one of my mentoring sessions. A brilliant question that blossomed into a beautiful dialogue with many ah-ha moments and insights between two curious souls. 

I will do my best to capture this moment, a sacred conversation that I got to share with Harold from the other side of the world. 


'Do you live life from a full cup, Zoe?' 

'I live from a cup that is neither full or neither empty.'

--------- Long pause ------

I continued .....

'How can we receive when our cup is always full? A cup that is emptied allows space to re-fill. Much like a river that never stops flowing even though the depths of the water may change, as opposed to stagnant water that becomes stale and toxic, or even dried up. 

We talked about how we are all living life, as a cup and its saucer.

Harold expressed how the saucer is there to catch the overflow of the cup, so nothing is ever wasted. I shared how the contents of our cup are the most intimate of all and it is the overspill of the saucer, that others can freely drink. 

See the saucer as the space around us, the energy field that we give off as a resonance, before another gets near to our cup. 

Different energy fields give off different flavours, odours and some may alchemise and others repel from the contents that are within our own cups. 

Harold, expressed so at times when you are tired, you can stand underneath the overflow of another's saucer and cup, and benefit from their contents. We both had our eyes open in excitable imagination seeing many cups stacked upon one another, a fountain of overflow. 

Wow, the visual to allow and receive.  

To give and keep giving. 

When we give, we receive from above. 

It's a beautiful way to look at life, our prana / life force energy and spirit.  Consciousness / Source is infinite, so is never ours to hold onto. It is here to be freely shared and experienced by all. Why not splash a fountain of the elixir of your 'overflow' from the spillage of your saucer. 

There is an ever-flowing stream from above.  

When we can expand the bandwidth of our energy field, meaning our saucer, we can truly impact the world with our unique expression of consciousness. Our cups resonance and unique brew of magic impact with zero force. 

Much like a Mantra that creates a resonance within the body (cup) of the practioner / student, this will take on its own essence, becoming a perfume upon the skin which takes on its' own distinct yet unique smell.

The more potent the elixir, the more potent the resonance and the stronger the brew alchemy within the cup. Yes, consciousness has potency and the higher the consciousness, the clearer it becomes. This is one of the purposes of the daily practice / discipline of meditation. 


Keep letting go of everything you think you know. 
keep forgetting everything you've learnt. 


You will begin to alchemise your own potent mix. 

A mix that is the essence of YOU - you will receive. 


Share it everywhere you walk by expanding your saucer and spill your cup for those in need. 


There is a reason why the saucer is there, to cool the overspill, so it is easy to drink. It is key to learn how to manage and attend to your own cups, even if it's to stir the contents and 'do the inner work.' 

 Never intentionally SCALD another with your contents!

Our cups are sacred, much like the Holy Grail. 

The holy grail as the sacred chalice, 

Are there to hold SOURCE, consciousness, God. 

The Holy Spirit. 

No cup is better than the other. It is simply a cup. 

Each cup serves a purpose 

The cup is like the body. One day the cup may crack or no longer be strong enough to hold the contents of the cup. What are the messages your cup/body and the contents /brew are they giving you?
Our physical bodies are temporary, here to allow spirit to have a spiritual experience, until they are no longer required and we return to the ONE infinite flowing source.  We each become the 'overflowing' contents that touch many cups and flow in between all the spaces in between.


To live from a cup that is ever emptying, is to live a life of passion and curiosity and to never grow stale of holding onto what was. 

Be courages to follow divinely ordered wisdom. 

Live life as if you are already dead as everything takes on a deeper meaning and you live for each sacred moment and truly taste the magic. 


I dare you to spill your cup and make the dance messy, so others get to share in your magic and remember the joy of life.