Women are Worth 100c, Men are Worth $1

  • Men & Women are equal value and different for valid reasons.

    “Men are worth $1 and women are worth 100 cents, as you can do a hell of a lot more with 100 cents!”

    - Elsa Rabold

    My intention is to allow the timeless essence and powerful free spirit of Elsa Rabold to speak through this feminine vessel of intuitive senses (cents). It is time to celebrate the change makers and shape shifters, that embodied this feminine wisdom and life force magnetism. It is time to honour all the great women that came before and opened doorways for others to explore. Elsa Rabold, you were and are a timeless RARE breed that created waves upon the earths grid, honouring your Spirit, heart centred service  and name.

    Let us celebrate the creative and sensual power of the strong feminine as we strive towards living together in peace and harmony, yes, as men and women on the new earth. It is key to understand and respect our differences as we are different for a reason. God made women into sensual works of art for a reason and much of the ancient mysteries where placed into the feminine, to honour the sacredness and minimise its misuse.

    The beauty is within the simplicity of life.

    To let go of all suffering, as this too shall pass.

    Yet, humans seek power and control.

    Driven by fear and competition.


    When you only have $1 you hold onto it with everything you have.

    What you cling to, brings suffering.

    When you have 100 cents in your purse, you are more free and giving.

    Each cent have be spread around, this comes back 100 fold.