English born healer and writer Zoe Anna Bell comes from Welsh and English heritage. Known for the first 44 years of her life as Becky Bell, she embraced her birth name of Zoe-Anna. Bell lived a gypsy life, like a chameleon interchanging ways to fit in. She moved to Australia in 1997, never looking back and took up Citizenship calling Australia home. She has been based in Sydney, since 2006 and is described as a breath of fresh air, raw feminine sensuality that shines light unapologetically, to ignite the spark in all she meets.
A passion for creative body movement, explorative play and nature began as a young child. Fiercely independent, and pushing the edges of social conformity, my Mum channeled my spirited energy into creative pursuits of dance, music, ballet and gymnastics. My Mum a dancer, artist and musician recognised the importance of ‘creative play and free expression’, steering me towards constructive outlets.  A free spirited radiant child with her once playful imagination began to shut down. The 6-year old shifted into a confused teenager of self-destruct, self-loathing and body shame. Read my Memoir, ‘Breaking Free’ 
Life had many detours, chapters as such to now link synchronistically fit together. The path least travelled to refine teachings and master teachings of the mind, body and spirit. The art of living and being human in a space of gratitude.
I am a proud Mum of two teenage boys, they are my wisest teachers and have grown into confident, happy and connected young men. 
 We are born worthy and many forget ...
My past now a blank canvas as a path of soul remembrance continues to blossom. 
 Zoe-Anna's writing has been described as compelling and articulates the healing journey in a step by step approach.  Once you begin reading the books, it is hard to put them down. Poetry that touches you deeply and leaves you wanting more. 

I am a channel of source and pure love. 


A lifelong healing journey to now be a bridge between heaven and earth. I work with the divine as a channel of light and am here to remind you of your completeness. 

We come from spirit before we are born and shall return when we leave this physical form in the death process. The body is a vehicle to experience life lessons and adventures upon this earth plane. As we leave this earthly plane, the body dies yet the spirit is infinite. 

Zoe has worked with clients all over the world, Australia, Uk, NZ, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, France, Canada, US, with a large following in the US.

Being flown to Montana from Sydney, in 2017 to work with a meditation and healing client for 10 days, was a next level experience. 

At 50 years young, Life is beginning, a full circle completed and the shadow work on self, is done. You may feel like you come around full circle to get drawn off in another detour, know this, you learn vast experiences when you have the courage to explore off the path as it is part of the way. 
The path to serve in pure devotion is crystal clear and life is unfolding into the most magical dream at an accelerated rate.  Never give up on your dreams, keep getting up as you are a work of art blossoming into your highest expansion. 


 I have many more books write, and many more souls to touch and support in their healing journey as divinity guides the way. 

50, is the new 30 and life is what you choose to create.

Thank you for being a part of the colourful shifting landscape called life ♡ 
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