Mentoring VIP Earth Angel Container

 Earth Angels in Training

Join a VIP mentoring program of earth angels. A sacred space with other souls  who have traversed great emotional, psychological and spiritual distances to come to a place of inner standing.
This is a space to co-create with other souls as leaders of the new earth. Build community and ignite soul remembrance as the inner healer and guru of you.


  • Do you have a deep inner calling as a way shower, healer and mentor to support those early in their spiritual & healing journey?
  • Are you looking to expand your energetic bandwidth and level of influence?
  • Are you ready to access expanded levels of multidimensionality?  
  • Are you open to surrender any remaining density of the past and access higher inner guidance of spirit?
  • Do you seek to come into alchemical alignment of the physical and emotional body? 
  • Do you commit to continue to work on self/selves of the human, to be challenged and deep dive into misunderstands of your past?
  • Are you open to explore and grow beyond shadow work? 
  • Are you committed to contribute as a support team upon this pathway of Healing Humanity?
  • To assist your communities by sharing your divine gifts as part of the ground crew of earth angels. 
  • This is a 12-month commitment of training so you access and gain an understanding of the steps to support others in their healing and spiritual awakening journey. 


If none of these questions resonate, then this is not for you. 

If this resonates, then it is time to meet your support crew. 

Together, we can create impact. 


Be a part of SERVING Humanity and join our vision/ human mission.  

It firstly, begins with Self Mastery. 



1 x 90-minute session with Zoe-Anna, a 1:1 / each month (12 in total)
Monthly sacred circles - The focus each month is to support the PRESENT
Learn the Mantra meditation practices, for daily integration.
Integrate the advanced Siddhi program into your nervous system within the 12-month container. (value $6K)
Womb Healing & Alignment (yes, men have a spiritual womb)
Group Shamanic Healing Journeys - every 3 months. 
Next level Jedi ways to elevate frequency & connect to Divinity. 
Love, acceptance and deeper Silence practices.
Yoga / physical movement for Inner Glow Flow & inner power.
Restorative practices  - listen to know thy body.
Awakening Life-force & Releasing residual density
Activating your Mer-Ka-Ba for manifestation
Continued self-reflective work to support & access your GIFTS. 
This offering is for those that have already worked with Zoe-Anna in some capacity and are looking to take the NEXT leap in the ever expanding EVOLUTION. 


Text: +61 404 123269 (I do not answer random numbers!)

Send a message via my social media messaging.