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The 30 mins session will be an opportunity to connect and share what is happening in your relationship. Zoe-Anna delivers direct, straight to the point clarity even in this brief consult. 

The 60 min session offers more space to explore the challenges in your relationship and will always close with a strategy to assist you both as individuals, to get clear on 'what do you really want' 

If you are at the point of booking the 90 min session and you have explored the 30 min/60 min session with me, then leap into 3 x 90 min session. 


First 2 sessions are individually tailored. 

Why is this key, you each get to say what you want, without feeling talked over, interrupted, judged by the other. You are seen, heard and supported as an individual. Yes, the raw uncut truth comes out! Post each session, you will be provided with action-steps to apply, straight away, homework to 'be the change.'

The 3rd session you meet with me as a couple - this can vary how it goes. 

Some couples find the middle way in this session/ it highlights work to be done. 

This is my most successful package and the maximum couples have ever needed were a total of 6 sessions. 

Yes, I get you both RESULTS. 


From wanting a divorce or having the affair, to restoring the relationship to honeymoon status. 


Something you may be unaware of with this style of Relational Coaching

Many are unaware of this, but we often attract relationships into our life, that are there to learn and grow from. We may move from one relationship to the next until we choose to settle and make a home with another. Once the honeymoon of passion phase is done, many can get stuck into the day-to-day mundane ‘to-do-jobs’ to running a home with juggling a family. One day, you wake up and wonder who the stranger is, and often sexual attraction has gone.  This can be scary and racking your brains to where it all went tits up!

When one person shifts and the other remains the same, then there are bumps and waves. Every relationship has challenges, bumps in the road and at times getting into headlock and conflict with the other.  Many couples, I see are disappointed with the other and feeling let down, all the time. The power-struggle dynamic will only see from the individual point of view, and deep down both are wanting the same thing, yet, often speaking very different languages. Until each individual can begin to understand themselves and relate to the other’s emotional needs, then no amount of counselling or coaching will assist.

I often get men reaching out as he is doing all he can to 'fix things' and couples are locked in grid lock. These issues can easily be shifted with the right guidance. I am honest, and will get straight to the point as I want you both to get results!!


Here are the 5 Relationship Villains worn in the Relationship.

Controlling your partner

The need to be right

Uncontrolled or unbridled self-expression


Withdrawal or stonewalling


Are you or your partner guilty of any of these?


I bet at least 3 of these are playing out in the Relationship-Dynamic! When there are three playing out, I will bet that the other two are playing out in response, to the other in the relationship.  This can look and feel messy and wondering; “Where to begin?”

This is the destructive mess many couples find themselves within. The withdrawal can often be sexual or blocking any loving advances. The retaliation is usually the reckless choices and having an affair.


Is this YOU? Are you playing out any of the above?

The saddening fact is, if you continue without an expert with raw life-experience with ‘real talk’, then you will be heading to get a messy separation/divorce and years of pain.


Did you play out these same behaviour villain patterns in your last relationship? 


We cannot stop the above ‘relationship villain behaviours’ until the CAUSE of why they play out is addressed.  Awareness plays out in funny ways, and the more aware you become of the behaviour the more it may play out, and the more you suppress or attempt to stop it, the louder it becomes.

There is no hiding from it.  All these above behaviour strategies lead to more inner suffering and disappointment. It is a game that when you are locked into it, you will never win, and never get what you want.

Is now a good time to turn your relationship around?