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ZenThai is movement based bodywork (yoga therapy) aimed to open energy pathways of the life-force energy, Qi, also known as chi & prana. A journey of realisation of pure infinite potential of self and to others. 

What will ZenThai Shiatsu do For You?

Deep relaxation and surrender back into the FLOW

Restores flow to tight muscles and re-aligns the structure   

Improved posture & understanding of your body

Reduced inflammation / eliminates PAIN 

Healing for mind-body with touch 

Your body will hum for more ...  


What Will Change in Your Life?

Experience joy and harmony - our natural state 

Builds trust and faith to let go of the past stories 

Emotional barriers soften and release of emotions 

Deeper love connection / acceptance of Self & others 

Deeper sleep  / reduced anxiety 

Access intuitive senses & your inner guidance system 


Experience inner harmony of living within nature's balance of divinity & grace.


My path unconventional to some, and divine which I honour in full transparency. I immersed into the teachings of ZenThai Shiatsu of intensive training and discovered a natural progression from years of integrating yoga therapy, bodywork, Acro yoga, stretch therapy and working with the life-force energy in energy healings.  My inner wisdom alchemises where intuition guides and to create what is best aligned for each individual.

I integrate Five Elements Acupressure into the sessions to support the individual to bring body in balance with spirit. I am accredited in Practitioner level 1 of Five Element Acupressure, studying with John Kirkwood. 

The feedback from my clients speaks for itself and within each session are learning more about their body and how to live in harmony with life. 

My InnerStanding

ZenThai is the art of living and being in presence to each sacred now within all existence.  I live my life as Tao. Tao cannot be defined, yet it can be understood as the way of the universe. Taoism teaches us that all living creatures live in a state of harmony with the universe, and the energy found within it. The energy being, chi, prana, qi and ka (Spirit). Yes, even cockroaches live in harmony with the universe, as they too are living creatures.

The meaning of F.L.O.W is; following lovingly ordered wisdom that aligns with nature, and ZenThai works with the natural ebb and flow in the body. A process of allowing and letting go, where the practitioner and the one receiving come into harmony and unity, both moving as one pulse/wave/being.  To the observer, it looks like a dance, like the snake charmer and the snake. TOUCH has been lost, often denied or misused in society, and this non-invasive massage builds trust and faith to let go of the walls of protection that holds pain, memories and scar tissue. This 'stickiness of feeling stuck' can feel like the soul suffocating and longing to breathe free. 

A session is to be experienced and once tasted, the body calls for more. Trauma held bound in the tissues releases in a very gentle way, and like a massage the body structure marinated and restores to a feeling of LOVE endorphins & lightness of freedom. I incorporate five elements acupressure and most key of all, intuitive guidance of the divine, as a channel of light. 

Emotional releases and supported in a safe, nourishing and loving environment. 

 Each cell of the body humming, YES, I AM ready to receive.

SPIRIT Knows and energy flows. 

The way reveals the way.