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Dreams are messages direct from the subconscious mind, and often dream state is where many of us badass spiritual warriors are deep in mission work. Sleep is key to assist the human in processing deep emotions from the psyche and initiations that take place with the dreamscape. It can often feel that everything is accentuated in dreamtime to get your attention. Since, 2019 I have noticed that when I am receiving and downloaded key codes /messages I will have dreams in succession over a 5 day span. Each dream reveals a message to unpack, then back into the same dream, yet new scene and continuum of the last. …. where now I am able to direct my dream before I drop off to sleep, a bit like being plugged into the matrix. 


Saturday Night Dreaming


Friday and Saturday I was living as flow state, a lightness in being and an easeful and effortless as life was coming to me. Like I was floating and riding a smooth wave. It was day 3 of Five Element Acupressure Training, with John Kirkwood, and John expressed, Wow, Zoe, you are really in flow. In the evening I hung out with Charlie, my 13 year old, we chatted and the air was light and playful. Rested into bed at 10 pm as my left eye was stinging and began to run non stop and the fluid felt sticky and my eye ached. At 0055, I woke up screaming ‘No, get off me!!’ I was sitting bolt upright and was shaking. I lay back and attempted to fall back asleep with no success and was awake till 3.15 am. My left eye was streaming and got my workbook out of the study acupressure notes to look at the cycles. 0100- 0300 is the element of Metal and the organs Lung (Yin) and Large intestines (Yang).  The emotion was grief and I was sobbing deep waves of old emotions, ‘Letting go and it was around my heart’ and the disappointment in relationships with men and an old pain, the abandonment of my father as a child. 


I recalled my dream and I was getting attacked as if I was magnetising all objects, people, animals to me. One by one they were attempting to suck my life-force and attach themselves to my energy field.  It felt like a zombie movie, and each time it happened, my words were direct,  ‘Get the fk off me!’, I was on hyper alert and using anything I had at the time to hit them off me. There were hyper sexual beings attempting to lure me into the darkness and feed off me. The end of the dream, after navigating the gauntlet of shit storm I saw myself walking down a narrow road, alone, away from the carnage, covered in dirt and blood. 


Within light, there is dark and within darkness, there is light. I was drawing the darkness to me in my dream state, a reminder that both coexist.  

I ended up sleeping from 3.15-6am and upon rising I felt numb and disturbed as if there was a shadow being around me. I have experienced them before and I do not wish the experience on anyone. 
Off to day 4 and the final day of the level 1 training. As the day progressed I felt more and more withdrawn, I became quiet (this is normal as I process) and felt emotions bubbling up like a huge tidal wave was at my throat. My head was unable to think and I was finding it hard to string words together. We partnered up for an exercise, and my teacher asked if I was okay. Open the flood gates, ‘I feel flat, raw, empty and cannot think.’  I was guided to lay on a table and my exercise partner, Christine and John began to assess my body/ Qi levels. I am not aware of the meridian pulse normal ranges of Qi resonance, however the levels of my heart, mine dangerously low at -3, which is almost none existent. I felt like I was being sucked down a drain, my life force, Qi, that is, as my body had gone into SHOCK. 


After 10 mins, I felt warmth around my heart and life returning from root to crown. After 20 mins I emotionally calm, nourished and my spirit freeing in my body and the shadow being gone.  This is a powerful method for healing and harmonising what is out of balance. I expressed that I had had psychic attacks many times in the past with scars on my thighs and ankles from being tied up and used as a sex slave whilst in the dream state realm. Perhaps, this was a final release of the entity programs within and an initiation to bring the dark into the light and experience the exact five elements acupressure process that I will use with clients that have had sexual trauma and healing of the sacred feminine. 

The dream was also about making peace will all aspects of self that had played out in my life and an opportunity to come into a deeper level of acceptance of what is happening in the world. 


Our life-force is sensual in nature and my role is to assist to restore innocence and purity, by healing the feminine, yes, leaders of the new earth. All healing begins with the individual and there is no destination and many layers that present as and when you are ready for the lesson, the insight all to assist your human evolution. 


Sunday Night Dreaming


Upon laying in my bed, I felt a little scared, ‘Think of fairies Zoe,’ my go to since a little girl. I called in the ArchAngels, Michael, Raphael, Jophiel and Zadkiel to create a protective field around me. I set my intention to bring clarity to the messages and into the dreamtime matrix I was plugged. 

A strong protective divine masculine I know in the physical plane, entered my dream space. He was tender and loving and then something strange happened, he began to be intimate with me in front of his father. I asked him to stop and for privacy. The once exhibitionist in me became coy, vulnerable and innocent. My voice felt nervous and I set boundaries and expressed; ‘I ask you to honour the vulnerability and purity of this moment.’ We retreated into a room made all of wood and shared loving intimate space, then as I lay back fully relaxed, out of the corner of my eye I saw a tower in the water. We were high up on a cliff within the grounds of a huge estate and were overlooking a long beach and the tower was at the waters edge. 


'Who lives in the tower?' I asked. 
'A wise woman of mystical teachings', he replied. 


I sprung to my feet, excited as I felt a pull of the tower, 'let’s go and see'.
'She is not there, she comes and goes', he replied. 

Hurriedly,  I dressed and barefoot ran down towards the beach. As we neared, there were crystals sparkling and the tower was covered in sea shells. Inside their was a scent of ointments and this all felt very familiar. A deep longing to be in the tower, a feeling of connectedness to earth, water and crystals. The tower felt safe, protective and away from people. 

The tides was coming in fast and he grabbed my hand, ‘We need to leave.’ 


I woke up Monday sun rising within the tower upon my mind and the mysterious woman that lived in the tower. A sign, a door or portal into the next piece of the unravelling dream. I felt real authority rising within, and was drawn into deeper silence, a holding space for self for deeper understanding. The man in my dreams was still on my mind and a message to communicate how I feel when it comes to matters of the heart, and I observed the vulnerability that arose in me. 



Monday Night Dreaming


I found myself in a large room full of people dressed up as if in a boardroom. Many presenting ideas to a panel. Next, I see myself from the observer mode and I am presenting on ‘Healing the Feminine and why restoring the innocence and purity of the yoni is key.’ 


The delivery was juicy rich and straight from the heart, zero preparation and standing in the knowing of my craft. Loving words of wisdom flowed effortlessly and people were listening. I smiled at a few, gathered my things and left the room. I was within a spiral stone staircase of the tower and I saw light. Following the light, I stepped out onto the turret of the tower, much like what was on the corner of a castle. I sat alone at a wooden table and hear the lapping of the ocean around, I felt at peace and a deep inner knowing as I gazed into the next direction of my life. 


A man from a near by table began to speak: 'Hi, Zoe, thank you for a brilliant delivery, you captivated the room, and I’ve heard that you are the panels pick! You are the only unregistered business and yet your proposal is the one that touched every man and woman.  It is looking like you will be who we will invest in with our reach of 150K. 
I sat and smiled, and said: 'What will be will be, and I accept the path.'
As I sat upon the turret I dipped my ankles and legs into the warm calm waters of the ocean and the warmth of the sun upon my face. Like being poised in a moment of time at a junction of many possibilities. 


Reflections of the dream.  

After the long climb and gauntlet of events I realised that I was the mysterious woman of the tower. After a long slog, I am now being heard and this is my path to support to restore innocence and purity of the feminine and conscious relationships. I am being supported and there are many I am about to meet who believes in my vision. A reminder to shining bright as a guiding force for others at this time of uncertainty, a 'lighthouse for humanity.' 
The tower was my self-esteem and confidence and aspects once fragmented by outside opinions, now stood steady, strong and elegant. No matter the external judgments, a tower is strong and steadfast. 
A calling in a man who truly sees and honours my worth and value. He will climb the steps to my heart and do whatever it takes to meet me where I AM.  Meaning to meet his storms head on and traverse the storms so he is ready to open his heart, be vulnerable and explore this adventure called, life. 

I will no longer be called a convenience, the fun or the ‘distraction.’ 


Tuesday Night Dreaming 

Much is not yet clear and perhaps, the message is now complete, or another piece tonight. This is all I recall and a very prophetic piece being shown.  

I recall having a very large army surplus bag and going to a secret location on a mission. The mission was to collect wads of cash. Wads of many bundles of 600K all in $100 notes. As much as fitted into my bag and clothes. 


Now, use this wisely to support your humanity project and mission, build a healing centre to host your offerings and build community for others upon the land. The message to be up high, near the ocean and within nature. 


Thank you for exploring this with me, I look forward to any comments you may wish to share and I invite you to check out my upcoming workshops being held in Sydney, 2022. Explore here 

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