Life as an Adventure UN-veiling.

Do you believe in miracles? 

Do you believe in magic? 

Do you dare to dream? 


Most will have seen the movie 'The Secret', right?  How we live in an invisible substance of pure Source / God potentiality, and how we magnetise what we want into our life. How our inner thoughts, the words we speak draw life and events to us. Yes, the wanted and the unwanted as the U-niverse does not decipher between 'good or bad'. It simply RESPONDS to the thought, emotion and even more powerful the Hearts INTENTION within the thought. 


Life brings you what you want. So, where is your focus right now? 

Do you see the glass as 1/2 full, or 1/2 empty?

Do you see the world as a magical place 


Do you see life and the world as a threat?

This will determine your life. 


We live in society of 'instant gratification', instant expectations and urgency of the me, me, me... it is shallow and empty. The swiping left or right that happens on on-line dating with empty connection. 

It never resonated and I held the belief of him finding me and making it very clear from the go get. This directness is endearing, and a man that knows what he wants is instant appeal. 

To collide into one another, creating waves in the cosmos.

Yes, I am a romantic at heart and a dreamer. 



In a world of iPhones and social media instant gratification, there is no space for the 'vacuum of infinite possibilities' to emerge and reveal. This vacuum is created by being honest and exposing vulnerability to what is revealing in the heart. The real talk, where nothing is hidden, yes, even what scares you and to express your hearts deepest longing? Have the conversation with your own heart & soul. 

The hearts vulnerability opens up the Spiritual gateway. 

We live in a society where people place conditions on one another, often with a time frame and all this does is cage in and LIMIT possibility of pure potentiality. Often these conditions stem from survival and fear, due to past experiences. Many have stopped dreaming and believing in magic, and these fears are where the patterns of control come from.  


Unconditional love means no conditions. 

Dogs are masters of this, and humans are still learning. 


A life by design ...

My life by design is that is by direct experiences, beyond the labelling of good or bad, simply, the 'issness' of the moment unfolding, all for the highest potential for soul and the bigger picture! The biggest lessons where in the lessons of 'relationship', which is ironic as for many years guiding /mentoring couples in how to shift their relationship. I was the last call, after exhausting often years of couples therapy. I got them results as I only applied that which i'd implemented in self. 


It all ends and begins with your relationship with self. 

Stop making it about the other, own your own shit,

Honour each emotions and express what you want. 

This has been my consistent relationship, in life, with self. 

For years, I found it challenging to say what I wanted.

Start expressing what you want in life. 



Life brought me great contrasts, and my heart cracked open, many times. 

Leaping and looking sideways, to see i'd leapt alone. 

We are never truly alone. 

Life is all about divine timing. 


I share insights from leaping and exploring this magical adventure in this human assimilation, called life. 


Are you fearless to take a leap? 

Are you willing to risk it all? 

What if, you fall flat on your face?

What if........

What if you stay safe and do nothing!!?


Life is gone in a flash and one thing I choose to do, is live with no regrets. Believe me, it has taken years and bringing my inner critic to the table, to love all aspects of the shadow and I am still being challenged. Holy moly, and I feel so ALIVE. 

When it comes to matters of the heart, dive deep in, or not at all. 
There is nothing worse than drowning slowly in a shallow puddle. 


Flipped sideways ...

A week ago, my life got flipped sideways.... and I got spun in the most magical of ways, that honestly, it all feels like a dream, 'life is a dream'..... I am still spinning and spinning is giving me opportunity to unhook any remaining entanglements that want to hold on.  It's exciting and my heart feels like it's in my throat and expanding. No matter what comes of it, I am grateful and my heart richer because of it. A man who is not intimidated by me or my eyes and looked deep into my soul. 

Frankly, I am now ruined ... actually! haha 

The bar got raised. 
I've never experienced anything like this!
It is that super gooooood. 

I trust in divine timing and I also detach...

I know what I want. I see it, feel it and always said;

I need to be knocked sideways and spun. 

So, here I AM.

Shaken and stirred, and a deep inner knowing. 

Eating my own words, patience is a Virtue. Hahaha. 


Three days prior ....

To the 'Magical spinning in the dream experience', I was down on my knees praying to the YOUniverse and asking for a MIRACLE.

When You ask for a miracle, you may be brought something beyond what you were asking for. 

Are you OPEN to receive? 

Are you willing to take a chance? 

When you see the signs, do you follow them curiously? 


A dance brews within my wild heart. 
I let go of all thinking & all logic,
Focussed on all I am creating.
To stay with the feeling, honouring the sacredness. 
And so much to hear & feel, within in the silence. 


A deep longing to taste, touch, be in his space that feels so easy, and so natural. To talk about topics that many never express in a lifetime.  Each time a picture in the movie flashes before me I catch my breath and am reminded of the excitement of the great mystery of love and matters of the heart. 

I am free falling,

Trusting in the adventure 

Faith in the revealing. 

I've never stop believing & dreaming. 

'Tink', (aka Tinkerbell tattooed on my back. 

A feeling that feels like home,

Even saying this, sounds crazy. 

Perhaps, I am crazy. 

Crazy alive & limitless,

I am following the feeling as it is 

Natural, free and deliciously inviting. 


Dare to Dream,

Believe in Miracles, 

No matter how many times you fall,

Live through your heart

Opening your wings to soar,

Wild and forever Free. 

"Life as a magical dream"