The Mirror and the Window… through the KeyHole of mental health.

  • The Mirror and the Window… through the KeyHole of mental health.

    It is time to share life experiences of the path to becoming an R.N and working as a R.N, in relationship to mental health. I like many have had the mental health labels in my PMHx, and what a GIFT to have explored the darkness and no longer have any attachment to any of them. No matter the past, U can rewire the mind-body pathways. You are a GIFT!
    LIFE happens for YOU, not too you. 

    Fast forward many years…

    Reflecting upon my nursing career, what mostly comes to mind is how easy it is to impact others by many simply being yOUR authentic self.

    The Art of being human, in a world of opinion and judgment, and the humility & compassion to remember how easy it is to fall off the rails. How getting lost in the inner darkness is a rites of passage and the courage to become unstuck & unstable. How else can TRUE INNER TRANSFORMATION happen, when holding on in normality, complacently and FEAR. 

    The power of resilience and vulnerability, as a free human spirit is UNTAPPED for many.


    To you the reader

    You may have been on the ‘being observed’ side of the glass. The patient.

    You may have been the ‘Observing the patient’ side of the glass. The R.N / the Doctor?

    No matter where we stand … the inner self-talk is within ALL.

    The window of judgment.

    The window of opinion.

    The window of shame.

    The window of self-loathing.

    The window of ugliness. 


    What side of the glass are you standing on?
    What perspective are you seeing from?


    How is the LENS of your opinion & your judgment?
    It is SMEARED with prejudice and the wounds of your past?
    It is CLOUDED by never exploring beyond? 

    Until U address the NUMBNESS, then U will never feel and thus, never truly heal. And many working in the system are numb!