The Unheard Voice

The voice 'unheard/un-herd.'

Your voice silenced or pushed to the pile of, 'don't be silly that would never happen scenario'. The voice that has emerged from the deepest and slimiest places of inner shit fuckery where many throw in the towel and choose suicide.

The depths where only the courageous walk, and the VICTORS arise from the VICTIM game, a place you get to visit in your journey of inner suffering, and visiting Dantes Inferno many times over! 


The ones rejected by society. 

The ones abandoned by society. 

The ones who sacrificed rather than giving in. 

The ones that stood for freedom and free will. 

The ones labelled, anti vaxers or conspiracy theorists. 

The ones that stood for fertility and a future for their children. 

The ones, seen as the 'inconvenience!' 


Your voice may feel like an echo to those who knew you, yet, do they really know you? 

How can others know you, when they are yet to know thy self?


Perhaps, it's your family, old circle of friends, and know this, the contrast cuts deep!

The truth is, you may never be fully seen heard or acknowledged for your wisdom.

The inner work you have done is viewed as 'woo woo', and the IMPACT of shifting consciousness, ie: stuff that no one sees, goes un-seen. 


I see you.

I feel you. 

I am you!

You are not alone!

You choose this path for a reason. 

The reality of the wounded healer that has healed a shit load of trauma, to have risen beyond all the suffering, and who made working on self, a 24/7 priority many many years, before the 'social plan-demic.' 


2019 - 2022 - the social experiment of separation. 

2019 - 2022 - feeling like the echo where spirituality becomes a new smokescreen of surface level distraction!  

2019-2022 - the rising of the self-proclaimed saviour, promising freedom with a weekend workshop. 

2019-2022 - The Fuelling of FEAR to TARGET those who chose not to get jabbed! 



It's all AF Game!


Look at the media releases currently happening in QLD, with the recent shooting. The police now planting seeds of FEAR into the public via the media. Yes, encouraging the social karen's / social credit system 'good samaritan' police to report on any 'anti-vaxers' 'out of character behaviour.'

REMEMBER, where the phrase HYSTERIA came from, and the removal of women's wombs!! SEE the bigger picture, and OPEN your eyes!

And yet, how many of us have been witnessing much WEIRD behaviour, erratic in fact with many after being jabbed. I can go on and yet, those that KNOW, have seen the full shit show playing out. 

Be the change and think beyond the BS you indulge in from the news. 



New Beginnings  

A life you are yet to live, yet it will feel familiar, a coming home!

I don't like labels as I choose to stand alone, as the all-one! I'd rather stand here than being swallowed up or compartmentalised into another crowd of labels. Like the 'Freedom marchers', since, freedom to me is an inside job.

I understand all KEY aspects that have played out, and this is all a game to drive deeper separation into humanity. 


I guarantee the ones that chose to NOT give up their SOVEREIGNTY, are the ones that have transmuted more suffering than most are yet to understand or even acknowledge.  I know many that have transmuted much and also chose to get jabbed. So, you cannot compartmentalise all into boxes, that is a dangerous game, I think it is known as PREJUDICE?? 


Welcome to the human experiment and the greatest assimilation that is currently playing out. 

                                     The insane part is...

The ones pointing their finger are coming from a place of fear.

Safety in numbers as the majority are the social narrative. Yes, many cattle off to the slaughter, my heart bleeds!  And, many are yet to see the sinister purpose of the agenda, giving AWAY free will, not questioning anything, and becoming a number within the CLOUD. Now owned and controlled by the elite. 

The Game is NOW getting warmed UP!

Much more is being revealed and many will not make it as frankly they do not have the skills when the rug is pulled from underneath them. 


Are you being played, and do you know there is a game?

Or are you playing the next level game? 

It is YOU and YOU. 


Today, was a divine experience of not being heard. 

To never ignore the voice within, to align with the higher path, as I am here to serve. To see the higher self, in all. 


Yes, all. That means, even the 'bad people, the low life's of society.' 

Have we lost our capacity as human-kind!?


How easily do you turn on another with another opinion? 

How much do you judge others for their choices? 


Rejection & abandonment were INITIATIONS.  

Compassion is going to be strengthened and the true meaning of unconditional love tested. 



I am human and today, I lost my shit!

The 'anti vaxer' jokes are a childish game of the victim where blame, shame and ridicule plays out. The sniggering of the group, and I chose to stand for me, 'I am the anti-vaxer' you are talking about. 


Apparently, I missed the joke? 

Apparently, I over reacted? 

Apparently, that was my key to remain silent, again!

My point is this.

What is the point of the joke? 

When does all the BS stop?


SEPARATION weakens society! 

Stand UNITED and ASK deeper questions. 



Integrity, is the willingness to stand for what you believe in, and the courage to express an opinion. I welcome all opinions and, I embrace the game since, life will deliver the PERFECT GAME for each individual. 

Yes, even sudden death is part of the game! There is no 'unexplained death', you simply have to open your eyes, zoom out and see the correlation what the many pieces that are at play. 


We live in a world of cause and consequences. 

After all, consciousness is learning about itself and c-o-vid is the biggest distraction of all. 

The biggest virus is that of the pedophilia!

The greatest sickness on the planet, and many are yet to see it. 


How do you explain university maths to that of a pre-schooler? You cannot, and you will be wasting your breath and sanity. This may infuriate the reader, and until you have endured enough inner suffering, or loss, you may never see the bigger picture!


I have been biting my tongue using this time to strengthen my ability to be in any and all spaces, as peacefully as I can muster. Basically, when I have no opinion, everything flows, even though everyone else has a voice!

Opinion annihilation in training. 

A space to deepen understanding. 

Have the courage to be disliked. 

To see the perfection in all that is playing out. 


It is a daily mission to attend to your inner state, to do and be better than yesterday, and to show up in loving kindness, compassion and non-judgement. It is often easier than getting into a discussion that spins in a circle and to witness the insane amount of work there is to be done in society. 


You may have crafted a genius solution, and from your family all you get is, 'Oh you've done so well, and some surface level feedback. ' The understanding is intellectual and not integrative by the individual, and the best with where they are at. 

Spirituality and inner work is DILUTED AF!!


I am at the most centred and calm place ever, and the global shit is yet to hit the fan upon planet earth. I feel at peace, and I am going to say it, many will NOT MAKE IT, and many more deaths will follow. 

I feel an ending and in that, new beginnings and I am ready!

I have been preparing my entire life for this, many of us have. 

We are the chosen ones, the ancient ones, that have lived many lifetimes, and this is why we see the world through a different coloured lens. 

In a world of many shades of grey, look for the other bright colours that have the  courageous to be disliked, and are often the silent ones in the room!


The Future HueMan Experience Portal, is in full swing and next intake, March 2023. 

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