Zoe-Anna Bell - ‘Beautiful Grace of Life’ 


Zoe-Anna’s Mission is to support all beings to remember wholeness. A path from awareness to embodied emergence. 

She is described as a breath of fresh air, raw feminine sensuality that shines light unapologetically, to ignite the spark in all she meets.


Categories of modalities 

To assist you in your journey. 

Read through the modalities below and see if any sensations arise in your body as the head can often over think things! 

During a free 15-min discovery call we can explore the best prescription of practices for your journey. 

Individual / Block of session to support your unique needs.  

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SACRAL WOUND HEALING - Dissolve /rewire sacral /sexual trauma to restore healthy sensual energy. 

WOMB HEALING & YONI WHISPERER - Restoring Light to our natural power of creation. 

BREATHWORK for higher states of Consciousness




VEDIC MANTRA MEDITATION - Rewiring the brain to access Alpha brain waves for creativity & Magnetic RADIANCE.

The ZEN Playroom  - Simple movement & yoga practices that restore, recalibrate with SOUND HEALING - Tibetan Bowls and Bells 





MYO-FASCIAL RELEASE  - Restoring innocence beyond the Pain/trauma body of RESISTANCE 

YOGA Therapy & Restoring BODY CONFIDENCE. 

REWIRE & DESIGN the BodySUIT - eliminate pain. 



LIGHT ACTIVATION HEALING - be supported as you anchor in Divinity, connected to Source as you release density and return to wholeness. 

PLEIADIAN LIGHT LANGUAGE - One of the 12 - ZA channels Light language to support DNA activation & cellular Purification. 

ANCIENT TEACHINGS OF THE STAR PEOPLE - A messenger to restore human harmony and PEACE within the New Earth - The Ancient Ways 


Zoe-Anna holds a space of pure love, a high-dimensional alchemical healing container for transformation, transcendence and transmutation.


The EM-Bodiment Coach for healers, leaders & entrepreneurs. 

Founder of The Future HueMan Experience.

As the wounded healer, it was the path least travelled to refine teachings and master teachings of mind, body and spirit. The art of living and the art of being human in the space of gratitude and love. A proud Mum of two teenage boys, they are my wisest teachers and have grown into confident, happy and connected young men. 

 We are born worthy and many forget ...

I am a channel of source and pure love. 

Zoe has worked with clients all over the world, Australia, Uk, NZ, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, France, Canada, US, with a large following in the US.

Being flown to Montana from Sydney, in 2017 to work with a one to one mentoring client for 10 days was a next level experience. 

Thank you for being a part of the colourful shifting landscape called life ♡