Mantra Meditation 'Transcendence' Levels 1 & 2


Welcome to mantra meditation!

The step-by-step simple meditation to calm & regulate the nervous system. Transcend from the conscious level of the mind into deep states of meditation.  

Are you facing mental, physical and emotional overwhelm?

                Are you finding it hard to focus and concentrate because you don't have a proven way for restoring your energy?

This specific meditation is a scientifically proven way to finally experience deep inner calm & more energy without being easily distracted by the world around you. We'll cover everything you need to know to put you on the path to accessing 'Vibrant health and peaceful living.' 

                 The Maharishi Effect, impacting the world peacefully. 


Learn the simplest and the most powerful meditation on the planet.

LEVEL 1 click here 

LEVEL 2 - click here 


ACCREDITED with YASEP Yoga Alliance