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Connection to the Divine 

I hold a higher dimensional alchemical healing container with the intention to support you anchoring in your Divinity and connection to Source.

Intuitive and inter dimensional techniques of divine light transmissions, divine anatomy, sacred fire, sacred waters and sacred geometry, I create a sacred bridge between Heaven and Earth. A space to immerse into deeper peace, stillness, deeper love of balance and wholeness. 

Feel supported as density rises to the surface, to allow smooth and graceful integration and anchoring of your Divinity.  Bridging all multidimensional aspects of Self to come into wholeness, in the sacred now as you remember your inner spark. A regenerative healing from the quantum field & Source Light to assist you with every area of your life, relationships, life purpose and Divine soul expression. 


What will Divinity Healing do for You?

Supports Grieving of a loved one 

Acceptance and Divine understanding

Restored clarity during and post the session

Deep relaxation and feeling restored 

Inner peace and lightness in your being 

Healing of pain - remote realignments 

Removal of entity attachments. 



What will change in your life?

Acceptance and understanding during loss of a loved one

Ability to let go and make positive changes in your life

Connection to inner Source wisdom 

Love connection & acceptance of Self & others 

Improved sleep  / reduced pain / even elimination of pain

Increased creativity & access to inner intelligence. 

End of life care

This supports those transitioning back to Spirit from the physical by providing inner peace, deep relaxation whilst bathed in warm light of Divinity. This supports the individual and is can be arranged for the whole family.

Support post death of a loved one

Zoe, worked as a R.N for 26 years and in this time supported many as they transitioned from the earthly plane.  She self-studied the teaching of Kübler-Ross on Death and Dying and the cycles of grief. There is no right or wrong way to grief and Zoe supports the process to meet the individuals needs. 


Grieving as tribe played a large role in ancient wisdom.  Sadly, this has been lost in today's busy society. Grief is a powerful and vital emotion to give space to so the individual can heal from the inside out. 


Experience the benefits of bodywork and energy healing no matter where you live - Divinity channeled as Light. 

It is time to remember who you are!



 'I work in Trauma as a coach and mentor after one of the Divinity healing sessions with Zoe, my neck that had been locked became pain-free. I had pain for 6 months and was looking to have an MRI, and now my neck is totally pain-free.'

– Mike, California, USA.


"I felt like Zoe was in the room and felt the warmth of her hands. Following the session I had a new body, my mind was clear and I felt energised.  This is powerful work, deeply healing and I highly recommend exploring this with Zoe. She is an Earth Angel "

- Fifi, NZ 

This is in person /  a remote service.