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Be guided how to restore the light of Divinity in your divine vessel. 

The body doesn't lie and the sensitive tissues tell a story...  #truestory


What will Sacred Healing do for You?

Release tension and trauma held in the tissues 

Understanding of your unique Y o n i Map

Restoring trust & owning boundaries with clear confidence 

Womb healing to activate your inner power

De-armouring the sensitive tissues - a rebirth for some

Yoni Massage and guided breathwork

Awareness of breath connection & the pleasure body

Acceptance and Divine understanding of your body 

Restored sensation to what may feel numb & disconnected


What will change in your life?

A connection to inner wisdom of sensual healing

No more numbness or disconnection from your body

Intimate relationships improve & understanding of self 

Body confidence and dissolve all shame programs 

Awakening of light into the tissues and feeling JOY 

Deeper love connection & acceptance of Self 

Access your Magnetic 🧲 Feminine energy


Mention the word womb & trauma and fear often arises. There is vulnerability and protection with this sacred space and the healings are a sensitive topic. The womb is the cosmos and the place of death and birth. 

You deserve to experience feeling alive, free and no longer disconnected in numbness. This is somatic body therapy to work with the physical layers-access the emotions and experience the spiritual body. 

Explore the testimonials for more insight. I am accredited in Practitioner level 1 of Five Element Acupressure, studying with John Kirkwood. This I integrate into the session to support the individual in their journey. 

The Body Speaks -Are you listening? 

The mind-body relationship connects to your inner NATURE and this transfers into connection with others. Many are unaware of the tension in their bodies and especially in the pelvic bowl of tissue. 

Book the first to explore - Sydney in-person / Via Video call. 
Any questions, then book in a call


or send me a TEXT 0404 123269 



This works with the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. The body tissues TRANSFORM as the light is restored to tissues that are shrivelled or held bound in FEAR.

This is WHY Somatic & bodywork healing is required.  


'I felt conscious of my body and had always felt that I looked different. Zoe completely made me feel at ease and a journey of moving past the layers of shame and self-loathing. I cried upon the massage table, and for a very long time of numbness, sensations began to return. My Yoni had felt shut down, and so this new relationship with my body began. It is the beginning of a journey of learning to fall I love with me again and let go of what no longer serves me. With home self- practices, I am falling in love with the flower of my yoni and many times have emotional releases as the layers melt away. That is inner freedom.' 

School Teacher – 38

Sadly, many teenage girls and women suffering in silence with unhealthy body images and genitalia distortions. Many live in numbness and freeze when it comes to topics on sensuality and intimacy.  This topic has been over-sexualised by porn, abused by men and distorted by society and many still holding onto past trauma. The word 'womb' is still as taboo by many and scares many that have not explored its ancient wisdom.   

Zoe works intuitively, facilitating restorative and gentle healing as a pure channel of Source. 

Do you find it hard to say NO and find yourself dishonouring your boundaries?