TEENS -  connect to your true essence
TEENS -  connect to your true essence
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TEENS - connect to your true essence

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Get your teenager the support he/she needs!

I have coached & mentored many teenagers over the years. Working together we have rewired their anxiety, depression and most key of all, reconnected them to their true nature, known as 'essence'.  This essence starts being lost in school and often their unique sparkle dulled. 

Many youth referred my way are kids that have been being labelled 'disruptive & naughty.' I am often the last port of call and I get results, with the INTENTION to guide each individual 'how to understand themselves' and how to 'do it themselves', so the practices become a part of 'daily living.' 

I have worked with teenagers labelled with Autism, Personality disorder, Bipolar and ADHD. No matter the label, everyone can be reconnected to their TRUE ESSENCE and feeling in balance and harmony of the mind-body, in a crazy distractive world. 

I have a background of working with Youth since, 2013. The journey began with teaching Yoga-meditation and life-skills' classes once a week to 12-15 year olds and running a community Youth Yoga program outside school hours. I hosted two weekend retreat style workshops to teens with great feedback and success from students and parents. 

I ran & developed an online program for Youth in 2018, called the 'Youth Blueprint' 


These can be in-person (Sydney) or remote 
12+ to 16 years


E: info@zoe-anna.com 

M:  0404 123269 

Text Msg only to set up a call with the parent. 


The session is initially with the parent and the teenager as this is vital for everyone involved.  I see the journey as a supportive family adjustment. My approach is 'unconventional as I talk to teenagers in a way they can relate.' I am a Mum with two teenage boys so understand 'communication' is a huge aspect of human development and when we work with the movement and the body, communication naturally opens up.  I am inclusive in the sessions so each parent can begin to understand the process and there is much working with the body, stretching and guiding the how to relax. 

If a kid is unable to relax then it is challenging for them to shift, let alone take in any information. If we are in fear, we lack the ability to connect. Unless we can connect with others, how can we love and establish healthy friendships and relationships with self and others? 

To be seen, heard and met with respect is vital and building trust is a foundational structure. My intention is to teach each individual 'Mind-body life skills' that will continue into adulthood.  I listen to verbal, no verbal cues as the body never lies and holds a story. Each session is an opportunity to step up and take responsibility for self, which begins with owning your shit! I believe anyone can shift when they receive support the empowers and nurtures rather than disempowers or cuts them down. 

I weave the following into any session.

ZenThai Shiatsu with the Five Elements Acupressure 

Somatic Bodywork to release tension.  

Support of self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. 

Guided meditation & relaxation - rewiring the mind

'Warrior Breath' work for relaxation (Wim Hoff) & Trauma release

Understand emotions and how to release them in healthy ways

Reiki/ Quantum Healing/StarMagic energy healing.

Sound Healing with Tibetan bowls, shakers and a drum.

Shifting from 3D programming to 'Realisation and actualisation of Self.' 

Cold water therapy - 'Ice bath' - (discussed as a later session option.) 

These body - mind tools become daily disciplines to integrate into everyday life as it is a part of being human.

I encourage going barefoot and connecting in nature. 

Daily disciplined practices are self- directed which with consistency and over time strengthen will and the ability to critical think. A vital tool kit for adulthood. 

Depending on how your teenager shows up is where I meet him/her and  this begins with a 'drop in chat' with open disclosure of a session. Even if you feel like shit, simply show up as I don't judge your attitude as this shifts by the positive impact of the session. 

I create the session to support the needs of the individual and not having to fit into a fixed structure. Let's begin a magical journey as to witness your kid lighting up with confidence and joy is the best gift a parent wishes to see.