Meditation and Where to Start


Beginning your meditation journey...

Is Meditation the same as Mindfulness?

No, but it’s important to understand the similarities and differences. Meditation and mindfulness are both good for our well-being, however one works to develop awareness, the other works to deepen and focus awareness. Let’s understand how…

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of the world around us, the sensations in our bodies, our feelings and thoughts. Mindfulness can be incorporated into daily life as simply as taking a few minutes to be still, to focus one’s awareness on the present moment, the different sensations and the thoughts that arise. Mindfulness is a practice of observing the conscious mind whereas meditation is a practice that goes beyond the conscious mind.Mindfulness is like the surface or shores of the ocean and meditation is like the depths of the ocean.

What is Meditation?

Most people think that meditation is a practice - something you do. This is incorrect. True mediation is a state of being (not doing) that occurs after achieving an inner state of relaxation.

The meditator focuses upon an object, thought, sensation, the breath or activity, which brings about a state of relaxation. By continuing the practice, the mediator enters a state of meditation where separation of self and the object of focus dissolves and the mind becomes still. The long term benefits include greater clarity, confidence, happiness and inner peace in all areas of daily life.

What is Mantra Meditation?

Mantra meditation, also known as Transcendental meditation or Vedic meditation, is a powerful meditation technique suitable for beginner and advanced students. Daily practice develops awareness, calmness, wellbeing and the release of stress. Mantra meditation is the fastest path to allow the mind to go beyond thought and access the silent inner field of creativity, energy, peace and happiness that is our essential nature, our Self.

Mantra meditation enables you to experience the source of creative intelligence at the deepest level of the Self and apply it to all aspects of life. What makes mantra meditation different from other forms of meditation is that mantra opens a short-cut to the deepest states of meditation, faster and with less effort, even for beginners. It’s especially effective for people who are easily distracted, or have struggled with meditation in the past.

Mantra meditation must be learned from an experienced practitioner who is qualified to teach and embodies the advanced teachings of the Siddhi and Sutra program. In the mantra mediation training, the teacher will give you a mantra, specifically for you. It takes years of daily practice and integration to be able to teach mantra meditation effectively and with integrity.

The mantra is the life raft that enables one to feel centred and steady, no matter how much change and chaos is around us. It’s the vessel that shifts one from dependence on the external and assists in navigating the ocean of life (the path of self-actualisation), rather than clinging to the shores (old patterns and programs of limitation and fear).

What does mantra meditation do?

Mantra meditation works like a ‘mind shower that enlivens the total brain.’ It rewires communication between the left and right brain hemispheres and supports feeling more in your body with a boost of renewed energy. If you are over-analytical then this will assist to access your creative inner genius. If you are creative and messy and find it challenging to bring your ideas into structure and order, then this is for you. This is for everybody that wants a healthier, happier and more creative life.

What happens whilst meditating?

The heart rate and breathing rate will slow down with a sense of deep relaxation, inner peace and calm. The nervous system rests, recharges and is replenished and clarity is revealed by connecting to the inner landscape of being. Scientific studies have revealed that a 20 min practice is equivalent to 6 hours of sleep or restorative rest. Develop the ability to widen the gap between thoughts becoming less caught up in the stream of thoughts, allowing them to pass on by like clouds in the sky.

How to find the best time to meditate.

First thing in the morning and late afternoon/early evening is great. The rising and setting of the sun, and the best rule of thumb is to find a time that you can be consistent with and that you can make a new habit in your lifestyle. Consistency is key.

Do you have to implement the mantra meditation practice everyday?

  • To gain the maximum benefits of your human potential and wellbeing, 100% yes!
  • And to create a healthy habit into your lifestyle by booking in time for you.  This is an everyday choice and a practice of self-love.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and life is a series of experiences within the experience of life. When you don’t meditate or get into the “I’m too busy mode”, then you can start feeling overwhelmed and not as calm as when you have booked in time for your morning practice. Think of meditation as important as brushing your teeth and changing your underwear daily as this will give you a clear answer. The practice becomes as normal as these activities and makes for a smoother, happier and more productive day. When you feel the benefits you actually want to do it as you feel so good after your practice.

Why do yoga postures support your meditation practice?

Yoga postures assist in preparing the body for the practice of sitting for the length of the meditation practice. Sitting is something that we each can do too much of, especially if you sit for long hours in your work. It is vital to get the hips moving and to open up areas that have become tight and restrict the individual from going beyond the distraction and passing sensations of resistance within the body.

Sitting does not have to be cross legged and can be done on a chair. The important part is that the spine is lengthened and key instructions will be given by your teacher to support your ability to be still. The yoga postures, otherwise known as ‘asana’ get you more present and in your body. Each yoga posture combined with breathing moves the ‘life force' also known as prana in the body so overall you'll feel more awake and alive. This supports the beginner and advanced student to go beyond the distractions of the mind and the temporary disturbances of passing sensations within the body.

Do I need a lengthy yoga practice?

No, there are just 7 key yoga postures that you learn with 1-on-1 mantra meditation. You do not need any prior yoga experience and everything can be modified to suit you and your body's current limitations.

How to stick with it.

  • Book time in for you and make this your most important meeting of the day (the meeting with yourSelf).
  • Remind yourself that this is a practice that will keep nourishing you for life.
  • Consistency is key and daily habits build self-discipline.
  • Dedicate and set up a space in your home for your practice.
  • Do it daily, and additionally whenever you feel like more.

How to find your meditation teacher.

  • If you feel connected and relaxed around them.
  • Ask about their training and lineage; Who and where they learnt from and for how long.
  • Are they open to your questions and do they have a deep understanding of meditation?
  • Do you feel comfortable with them?

The first step can be the most challenging and it is important to experience what it is like to sit in the teacher's presence and space.

My meditation training Lineage links directly to Yogi Maharishi Mahesh. My teacher was Donald Shakes whom I trained with for 4 years and he trained directly with his teacher Carol Maher who trained directly with her teacher, Yogi Maharishi Mahesh.

It was Yogi Maharishi Mahesh who brought Transcendental Meditation to the West.

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