The ZEN PLAYroom - online Yoga
The ZEN PLAYroom - online Yoga
The ZEN PLAYroom - online Yoga
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The ZEN PLAYroom - online Yoga

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'THE ZEN PLAYROOM' online classes.

A concept created by Zoe-Anna and a journey with yoga, relaxation & healing.  

A class TAILORED for YOU!


Zen Playroom Yoga classes will be TERM BASED. 

BOOK NOW to secure your ONLINE spot. 

TERM 2:  26th APRIL - 28th JUNE, 2023

EVERY Wednesday 7.30-8.30 PM (AEDT SYDNEY)





What to expect from The Zen Playroom

Access the Fountain of Youth - 'Ageless living'  

Improved posture & body confidence 

Gentle strengthening & flexibility to feeling good 

Relaxation to calm the nervous system 

 What will change in your life. 

Access greater energy, improved health & vitality

Aches and pains reduced, even eliminated

Connection and relationships improve  with self & others

Balancing of fluctuating hormones - a game changer!

A beautiful way to book an HOUR of time over the weekend from the comfort of your own home.

We live in a society of rushing from A to B, and often the weekends we cram lots of socialising in leaving not much time for ourselves. 


ONE UNIT of time in PRESENCE = Gives you more time!

This is 'vital date' with yourself on your yoga mat whilst being guided into postures and deep relaxation to connect you to the powerful healing force within. 



I've been teaching yoga, since 2013 and my journey working with the mind body began as a Pilates Instructor and PT in 20003, and then later studying functional intuitive movement and ageless mobility in the USA, in 2009.   

All these pathways made their way into my unique yoga teaching style.

I view yoga as a way of living and being, and how we meet each posture and the openings that present, offer us an opportunity to grow and heal. This practice of being present, transcends into every area of our lives. 

We begin with the breath, body alignment and bring our attention to how we move, to restore ease and grace.  This is not about fitting as many postures into a class as there is wisdom to explore in slowing down and inviting curious exploration into each ever changing experience. 

All to remember our natural essence of joy and peace within. 


Here is a capture from one of the classes that was in Rozelle, over the Autumn of 2022. A fun place to launch, and to OPEN UP this opportunity for all my GLOBAL clients that KNOW whats good for them! 


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Then you'll get a message from me with the details. 



"After working with Zoe, these healing powers work like a treat. I highly recommend this wonderful experience. I had upper back problems for many years and since the session, all my pain has disappeared." 

– Robert, Sydney 

A journey using yoga, restorative movements and ageless mobility to come into self-love and acceptance.  I incorporate sound healing and the power of light language through my body and voice, both of which speak to your cells to assist your remembrance. 



NO matter where you LIVE, you can join a class !! 


The next day I was feeling great, even the days after I was filled with much energy.I think I overdid it working in my garden, over all very energising. I has experienced a previous session where the pain went in my knees and for the first time in a very long time was able to get up and off the floor unassisted. This was freedom 

– Miriam, USA

This was from a 1:1 Healing & Yoga Virtual session