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  • An alchemical container to support and anchor you into your Divinity
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Relax and restore with books on healing the mind, body & spirit.


Self-Love ♡ Acceptance ♡ Grief


MOVE - IGNITE - REALX - 'The Zen Playroom'


Soul Purpose ♡ Ignite the Spark ♡ Unleashed Creativity


An alchemical container to support and anchor you into your Divinity

Mentoring ♡ Earth Angels in Training

Healing Humanity - VIP container

Unapologetic Embodiment

The power of removing the layers & shining your Spark as Divinity.

WELCOME TO ZOE ANNA ♡ Author ♡ Healer ♡ Mentor

I am an International multiple bestselling author of six self-published books. I am often referred to as a Shaman, MAVERICK & transformational body therapist.

  Perhaps, you are at a stage in your life ready for change to have a deeper human experience, to explore ways to strengthen emotional intelligence and access inner calm & receive love in your life.

My healing space is based in Rozelle, NSW, Australia. I offer 1:1 in person and remote services. Check out the different healings & workshops.

I am the creator of 'The Zen Playroom' . A yoga class held in an artists studio,in Rozelle. I also teach online with a virtual classe as a contributor of the XXO community. The focus and intention is to assist relaxation, nourish mobility/ yoga postures with a weekly 'Bliss sound bath'. This is part of your mental and emotional hygiene and wealth.

I assist teenagers (rebels) to reconnect to their true essence and ignite their inner spark.  

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Set your dreams free ...


Book Testimonial - Breaking Free

A compelling read. It is a book I would have liked to have written and used in my working life with "troubled clients." The story will resonate for anyone feeling trapped by their story. It relates the "what happened" very helpfully as there are chapters working on "how" to enable the healing process to be the change, to discover you.

Pauline Keeley (My Mum)

Book Testimonial -Breaking Free

A book full of insights + a unique perspective .This is an excellent book with invaluable wisdom benefitting all humans. Zoe-Anna's insights and mentoring guidance helped me to move through my own experiences and healing. She has a special heart, and I look forward to exploring Wildflower. Highly recommended for any man or woman AND especially you women out there... a must read!! It is time for us all to wrap our arms around ourselves, forgive and heal for humanities sake.

Hilary McCafferty, Tampa, Florida, US

Book Testimonial - Breaking Free

I am sending this book to one of my girlfriends as she is going through trauma therapy, to support her healing. I am sending this to lots of my friends, especially the friends that seek sex to feel love, as I know this book can help them. This book speaks to me as if I am reading my own life story. You are an amazing goddess Angel mentor, this helps me so much. Thank you, Zoe, you are Gods gift to the world.

Lauren Bradley Hopper, North Carolina


'Zoe-Anna is simply incredible. As a person, a healer, a guide, and an expert. I worked with Zoe-Anna on meditation and inner healing and she brought awareness to new heights, helping me to be a better, calmer version of myself. I felt safe, heard, and understood whilst learning how to ground myself and become whole. She is reliable, diligent, determined and a straight shooter who lives and breathes what she teaches. I admire her very much and highly recommend her program.'

Annie Leib, Philadelphia, US


'I had been following and engaging with Zoe on her posts for several months. I decided to jump on a discovery call with her and signed up her 90-day mentoring program. I knew I was ready to dig deeper. Zoe's authenticity, rawness and ability to be fully present with me and others in the group was amazing. Zoe's program gave me the structure that had been lacking in my life. Huge shifts happened for me in doing the daily meditation, yoga,, grieving work and inner child healing. 

Alicia Smith, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

Feminine Goddess Healing

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Zoe. I was nervous going into the experience as I knew I had some deep seated traumas to address. As I entered the sessions with Zoe I felt in safe hands. I truly felt her love and pure intentions which allowed me to feel safe doing such intimate deep yoni/womb work. The powerful energy that comes through assisted to bring up what needed to be faced and released from my body. Zoe follows divine guidance and what is delivered is exactly what is needed.

 Emma Mitchelle - Sydney 

Meditation & Mentoring

'I can't I can't speak more highly of Zoe-Anna. She came into my life at exactly a time when I needed support. Like some divine intervention, her guidance with the meditation was exactly what I needed. She has a very deep energy that will nurture you and carry you above and beyond the sessions. Working with her is the best gift of self-love.'

Krista Mollion, San Francisco, CA

Mentoring & Feminine Healing

'The teachings and practices revealed an exciting world of possibility and activated my yoni and I felt seen in a tribe of other women. My relationship with my husband went through the roof and we had to invest in a new bed. I had felt shame around my free sensual expression and working with Zoe, I began to embrace my Wild and Connect to my creative expressions, Dance and Art.'

Dina Fortune, Albany, NY, US

Book Testimonial - Breaking Free

A highly engaging energetic script that stays within your heart and soul’s whispers from the day. A remarkable form of expression that invites you to decipher your own soul’s journey and relationship with sexual expression. I found the book itself an invitation to delve deeper into my own unconscious stories and traumas. Zoe’s words allowed me to feel safe to lean into my own internal wounds and rewrite times and places within me where I allowed others to deter me from the path of knowing and loving myself. My soul found different parts of the text very activating and I resonated with a lot of Zoe’s words throughout the book.

Missy Wickert, Gosford, NSW


Your Womb is a Sacred Power

Your Femininity is a gift.

Your liberation is to the remember your sovereignty and awaken the light within You as 'Feminine Rising and Evolving Consciousness' is BEYOND BIOLOGY.

Our planet has been pillaged, fed off and used for POWER and global DOMINATION. Society has become over sensitive and much is being swept under the carpet, to stay silent as many structures that has controlled and dominated global affairs is crumbling. This is a great awakening as there has been a WAR against the WOMB for thousands of years!

It is time for MEN to make a stand alongside women that are STANDING up for Human rights and to HEAL humanity. There are MANY GREAT men and many are silent incase they loose their following (power) and influence (power and control). No more, step up and be seen as your voices are needed.

This is NOT SEXUAL this is wise wisdom gained though my own inner healing and unlocking feminine wisdom from within. It is a doorway to beginning to Know thy self and heal from the INSIDE OUT and never feel powerless again!

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Dreams - Healing - Heart Opening


Dreams are messages direct from the subconscious mind, and often dream state is where many of us badass spiritual warriors are deep in mission work. Sleep is key to assist the human in processing deep emotions from the psyche and initiations that take place with the dreamscape. It can often feel that everything is eventuated in dreamtime to get your attention. Since, 2019 I have noticed that when I am receiving and downloaded key codes /messages I will have dreams in succession over a 5 day span. Each dream reveals a message to unpack, then back into the same dream, yet new scene and continuum of the last. …. where now I am able to direct my dream before I drop off to sleep, a bit like being plugged into the matrix.

Saturday Night Dreaming

Friday and Saturday I was living as flow state, a lightness in being and an easeful and effortless as life was coming to me. Like I was floating and riding a smooth wave. It was day 3 of Five Element Acupressure Training, with John Kirkwood, and John expressed, Wow, Zoe, you are really in flow. In the evening I hung out with Charlie, my 13 year old, we chatted and the air was light and playful. Rested into bed at 10 pm as my left eye was stinging and began to run non stop and the fluid felt sticky and my eye ached. At 0055, I woke up screaming ‘No, get off me!!’ I was sitting bolt upright and was shaking.

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(C)-Literature - The UNCUT Truth

The Magic button and much more beneath the skin...

The clitoris is often the go-to for orgasm and for many women the 'sweet spot / magic button' looses sensitivity and dulls over time. Many men go straight for the clit chasing the orgasm so he then feels he's satisfied her before he orgasms. There is such a cliche of what happens next, and for many women intimacy has become 'dull and boring!'  There is so much misunderstanding of this powerful organ of a woman's body and the vast erectile tissues not getting stimulated of massaged and men thinking that is he makes her orgasm many times, then he must be a great lover!!

Time to burst a bubble, she orgasms when she is ready and a woman can learn how to orgasm beyond her fingers or even any form of penetration. If you are constantly rubbing one out, then you are depleting your Qi / Life force energy! 

This is message is for both men and women!

Many see a clitoris as this shinny pearl that is often hidden under a roll of vulval tissue, and many getting stuck on the head of the clitoris. There is a wealth of erogenous tissue that is beneath the surface and this erectile tissue wraps around the vagina and extends out towards the thighs.

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Men & Women are equal value and different for valid reasons.

“Men are worth $1 and women are worth 100 cents, as you can do a hell of a lot more with 100 cents!”

- Elsa Rabold

My intention is to allow the timeless essence and powerful free spirit of Elsa Rabold to speak through this feminine vessel of intuitive senses (cents). It is time to honour all the great women that came before and opened doorways for others to explore. Elsa Rabold, you were and are a timeless RARE breed that created waves upon the earths grid, honouring your Spirit, heart centred service and name.

Let us celebrate the creative and sensual power of the strong feminine as we strive towards living together in peace and harmony, yes, as men and women on the new earth. God made women into sensual works of art for a reason and much of the ancient mysteries where placed into the feminine, to honour the sacredness and minimise its misuse.

When you only have $1 you hold onto it with everything you have.

What you cling to, brings suffering.

When you have 100 cents in your purse, you are more free and giving.

Each cent have be spread around, this comes back 100 fold.  

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Your Vagina is Talking - Are You Listening?

What is the relationship with your vagina like? 

Your vagina stores emotions and tells a story to what is happening on a deeper level. Yes, your vagina is talking – the question is, are you listening to her? 

Your vagina stores emotions and tells a story to what is happening on a deeper level. Yes, your vagina is talking – the question is :

Are you listening?

Your emotions are energy in motion. 

Emotions have a greater impact on the cells more that what you eat and drink. As what you think, feel and vibrate will be a consistent frequency/ resonance. Many are unaware of their true emotions are they are scared to look beneath the surface and within the noise of the mind.

A tender reminder that when you have pubic hair your vagina will have more of a primal smell as your natural pheromones will be smelt. The less hair there is, the less of your pheromones are smelt. Many women are told by men that they are ‘dirty’ by not waxing and this is absolute BS. Cleanliness is cleanliness and everyone has a YOUnique smell and it is related to emotions. If it smells and tastes FUNKY there may be something else going on. 

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Rage is Not The Solution Humanity!

The suppression, repression and the injustice that women have experienced within a patriarchal and misogynistic society ruled by men was the coming to the end of the Masculine Consciousness and the transitioning into the Feminine Consciousness.  -  Zoe-Anna, 24.05.21 

Lessons to learn, grow and evolve beyond as we dance within the experience of being human.  Feminine consciousness and the Aquarian Age is here and all is playing out, as is. Life is divinely orchestrated to RISE beyond and to assist human evolution and a shift far bigger that the Global stage noise. All is divine and all here to evoke this inner healing and a path into the HEART.Many are now speaking up about the injustice they have experienced, the sexual trauma, sexual harassment and there is an opportunity for healing. The temperature is RAW, real and jagged and filled with so much anger. I am sharing a different perspective and one I am courageous to express.

I transmuted it all, justice never came and feel blessed for it ALL. The path is about 'Breaking Free'.

This is a path as the spiritual badass, that overcomes everything!

Resilience - adaptation - resourcefulness 

If you are making noise to 'join the noise' then you are feeding the agenda that you do not want. 

There is a rise of projecting the story and there is no safety net to support, which translates to: You are still getting played!

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