Spirituality as an Exchange


Spirituality has been misused, abused, manipulated and misunderstood.

For many in society this has left much confusion upon the planet. I will endeavour to build a bridge between the physical and the spiritual with create opportunity to self-enquire, self-reflect and contemplate upon where you are at.

And what value you place upon spirituality, and the physical experience within the field of consciousness.

I see the contradiction in this, and yet, I know by direct experience the sacrifice, the commitment to self, the daily disciplines, and the gauntlet of initiations to awaken CODES.

I know the path of 'not being heard, ignored, shamed by society.' I know the path of dying many times within this lifetime and all other lifetimes of my souls destiny. All to ignite the inner fire that once ignited becomes eternal.

I am here to spark to field, where simply by being within my presence / energy field, the individual SHIFTS. This may be an activation from my words, by watching my body move, dance and express through movement, or by my ancient tongue of light language.

It may have been by witnessing the journey to healing myself, which is healing my family. Or a profound and intimate experience of being met in a space of love.

Absolute LOVE within silence.

Welcome to how I mentor.


The questions often asked are;

  • 'Can you charge a price as in money exchange for spirituality?
  • 'What value do you place upon this exchange?'

I cannot answer that, for you, as you have a different perspective or value of who you think you are, or who you are being within this moment.

I can speak from my own point of view and perspective at this moment in time. Do I have an investment point on the courses here, Yes.


Well, when an individual makes a commitment to self, they are more likely to follow through when they have made an investment. They will look after the investment, as when it is free the individual will flip between many different paths of information seeking where they can DRINK for free from as many cups as they can access. Yet, missing what is deeper.

  • The spiritual bulimic.
  • The spiritual slut.
  • The spiritual junkie!

Perhaps, you've been one or are one! I was for many years UNTIL, I committed to three basic practices, each & everyday, that was over 12 years ago.

If you are the slut, junkie or bulimic, you are not having to be #accountable. Ever flipping between information overload and vomiting the regurgitated information into the field of the human idiot.  Perhaps, stuck in intellect and missing the SIGNS and a truck load of excuses and reasons all to 'compensate' for your current reality / the shit storm you hide behind closed doors.

Is this you?


Here the thing,

The value you place on a moment of time, is a unit of time. If you waste time, then how can you value another's time? Each day we are each given 1440 moments of time, in a 24 hour day.

I love to bend time, yet... this is possible.

Even placing a rigid price value on a unit can create a limitation of full potential being reached. On the flip side, what this does is creates a'boundary', and a boundary, creates a stable base and is a safe container. This safe space to be fully present, fully witness and to be honest with the other. There is a value exchange of services and word of caution, those offering FREE mentoring they may be feeding off your life force to as you gave permission!!

What is fascinating is this...

Lawyers, charge on their time, yet spirituality and access to Source wisdom is viewed as less than.

One is from books, finite information of laws and yet, much study which is I respect and value.

The other is from infinite source wisdom, in alignment with the many laws of the Universe, and shit loads of navigating the darkness of the playfield alone, the years of STUFF behind closed doors that you don't see!

The value you place upon a unit of time, are you giving back that EXACT value in return?

What price to do place on FREEDOM?

Meaning you will only get back to that exact value you put in, and hence why so many are trapped in the finite. Perhaps, life balances with the sacrifice of your health deteriorating, loss or an accident as such. Even DEATH is balancing... at what point do you look UP and LISTEN?

Many in society are yet to understand the value of time, wanting everything for free and unwilling to sacrifice anything in their own personal lives, as a value exchange.

You take too much and universe will BALANCE out the exchange, yes, 3D possessions, and  current relationships getting ripped away. And since, suffering is a powerful path to awaken your codes, this too is part of your understanding of the spiritual path.

  • Self-realisation
  • Self-actualisation

If you are vindictive, bitter or resentful behind closed doors, then universe will deliver greater opportunity to bathe within the SAME frequency. There is always a value EXCHANGE.

This goes for shame, blame and guilt, all 3D games to keep you trapped in the matrix which ONLY you create.

Nothing goes unwitnessed.

So, Zoe-Anna, does that mean that everything we create is FREE?

As a content creator with a message for humanity, I share freely everyday, videos, posts, messages as an infinite stream of consciousness which I will continue until I leave this human form.

As a beautiful soul said to be recently, "You are like Mozart when it comes to poetry and writing."

I place value exchange on (mind/body/spirit) practices & golden keys that are priceless when integrated by the individual. So, the keys are valued.

I've even taught these for free, or a very uneven exchange of value, which I chose at the time.  What I learnt by this experience was this. They felt the 'power of the practices' yet after some time, the daily recipe of the practice not valued or honoured.  Arrogance and entitlement of the ego hoped back in the driving seat. Oops and all I did was let them go in full acceptance, as it is not my path.

I value the hours, days, months of building out  "The Future HueMan Experience Portal", (T.F.H.E). Teaching myself how to 'do it myself,' watching videos how to build out the platform, filming 55 video, and gathering over a decade of energy healing practices, daily disciplines practices how to elevate frequency. Yes, learning the hard and slow way in the dark, with my inner navigation compass, how to SIMPLIFY it all.

Adversity my teacher, and in the wave of spirituality I witnessed many rising to the top in 2020, YET, they had ZERO integration and now, this tower has crumbled.

Surrender & letting go, are teachers of TRUST, as you can only receive to the inner value that you are.

Inner work, the 'real inner work' is key, snd even if you've done years of shadow work, I guarantee you will FAIL the assimilation within T.F.H.E portal, as it is design that way for a reason.

In the wake of this, many have been burnt by spirituality and lost their faith in working with a mentor. A weekend course doesn't cut it, nor does watching hours of YouTube videos?

My methodology...

" I don't want others to need me, so the ripple can move swiftly through consciousness. I strive to give a 'smart way of learning', and to align with the bigger vision for team humanity.'

I don't convince or sell anyone on why they need me BS, they ask...

'When can I start, and show me how to honour the exchange!'

I like simple and smooth. My sales process is all about transaction with transparency, trust and it begins with a conversation. Sure, the price is not on the website, as there are LIMITLESS options how to make it a possibility for you.

Many are unaware where their focus is on, and are basing their value of life on only what they can see which is often the greatest limitation and illusion of all.

Calling in Warrior Men and Warrior Women that are READY to lead a way, beyond what you can [perhaps, yet see.

Send a message and we can SET UP a Call and get you started upon a path of accelerated transformation within a path of accountability.


Here to serve,

Devoted to my Souls Destiny,

Aligned with nature as a conduit for source.

Code name: WildFire 🔥


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