The Limitless Mind Body Specialist for EVERYbody that has current limitations.

Be guided how to develop clarity, awareness, happiness and inner peace.

A pathway of personal accountability, inner transformation by investing in your wellbeing for happiness and relationship longevity (supporting both men and women).

The meditation that is learnt and taught is 1-on-1 online or in person, Sydney based. 

Supporting a healing and transformative process with leading edge methods for life long results. Book a call below to explore options no matter where you live. To unleash your full human potential, act now!

De-armouring Massage


Yoga & Stretching


Download your Yoga Nidra guided meditation

A Yoga Nidra is a great place to begin your relaxation and inward journey. Known as a yogic sleep, yet you do not sleep.

The practice of Yoga Nidra takes you into an alpha state, the brain wave frequency that links consciousness thought with the subconscious mind.

Books written & Published - Healing mind-body & the path of inner transformation.

Zoe-Anna Bell began to write as a part of her healing journey and was Inspired and motivated to show others a clearer pathway into the wilderness of self.

All her books can be found on Amazon. Her latest three books are; 'Breaking Free, Wildflower and Soul Codes,' a trilogy called the 'Free Wildflower Codes.'  For signed booked order direct from Zoe-Anna by emailing E:

Each book plays a role in the healing and self-realisation journey and are great to support for all who read them.

Pinky Fairway
Breaking Free
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Soul Codes



Tanya Dann

Adelaide, SA

Meditation & 90 day Mentoring Course 

"The Future Human Experience with the sublime, divine Zoe-Anna was an immense gift to myself & my family. Surrendering & releasing all sabotage, I chose discipline & commitment to make this a priority in my already busy daily life. The rewards I reaped were invaluable & all-encompassing. Zoe-Anna’s ability to coach, help navigate & unpack any roadblocks or limitations is mind blowing, comforting & encouraging. Her powerful platform of daily accountability commitments to oneself are so beneficial to the body, mind & soul. Not only is it simple but lots of fun, bringing strength, equilibrium & rejuvenation. The shifts I experienced doing this powerful work was life altering. Stepping into higher vibration & frequencies that brought discernment for all external world activities. I wholeheartedly encourage all humans to take this Leap of faith, I promise you it will be life shattering."


Steph Weston

Sydney, Australia

Meditation & 90 day Mentoring Course 

Making the commitment to The Future Human Experience emphasised the importance of daily practices & mind, body and spirit disciplines. This has given me a great resource to move forward and self-regulate with the ever shifting world. It was only on completion that I really appreciated the importance of accountability and the questions Zoe asked in the mentoring sessions that deepened my reflective thought process of self-enquiry. 


Emma Mitchell

Sydney, Aus

Feminine Goddess Healing

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Zoe. I was nervous going into the experience as I knew I had some deep seated traumas to address. As I entered the sessions with Zoe I felt in safe hands. I truly felt her love and pure intentions which allowed me to feel safe doing such intimate deep yoni/womb work. The powerful energy that comes through assisted to bring up what needed to be faced and released from my body. Zoe follows divine guidance and what is delivered is exactly what is needed.


Krista Mollion

San Francisco, CA

Meditation & Mentoring

'I can't I can't speak more highly of Zoe-Anna. She came into my life at exactly a time when I needed support. Like some divine intervention, her guidance with the meditation was exactly what I needed. She has a very deep energy that will nurture you and carry you above and beyond the sessions. Working with her is the best gift of self-love.'


Alicia Smith

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US

90 day Mentoring Course & meditation 

'I had been following and engaging with Zoe on her posts for several months. I decided to jump on a discovery call with her and signed up her 90-day mentoring program. I knew I was ready to dig deeper. Zoe's authenticity, rawness and ability to be fully present with me and others in the group was amazing. Zoe's program gave me the structure that had been lacking in my life. Huge shifts happened for me in doing the daily meditation, 


Lauren Bradley Hopper 

North Carolina

Book Testimonial - Breaking Free

I am sending this book to one of my girlfriends as she is going through trauma therapy, to support her healing. I am sending this to lots of my friends, especially the friends that seek sex to feel love, as I know this book can help them. This book speaks to me as if I am reading my own life story. You are an amazing goddess Angel mentor, this helps me so much. Thank you, Zoe, you are Gods gift to the world.


Annie Leib

 Philadelphia, US

Mentoring & Meditation 

'Zoe-Anna is simply incredible. As a person, a healer, a guide, and an expert. I worked with Zoe-Anna on meditation and inner healing and she brought awareness to new heights, helping me to be a better, calmer version of myself. I felt safe, heard, and understood whilst learning how to ground myself and become whole. She is reliable, diligent, determined and a straight shooter who lives and breathes what she teaches. I admire her very much and highly recommend her program.'

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Hilary McCafferty

Tampa, Florida, US

Book Testimonial -Breaking Free 

Plus Mentoring /Meditation

A book full of insights + a unique perspective .This is an excellent book with invaluable wisdom benefitting all humans. Zoe-Anna's insights, meditation & mentoring 1:1 helped me to move through my own experiences and healing. She has a special heart, and I look forward to exploring Wildflower. Highly recommended for any man or woman AND especially you women out there... a must read!! It is time for us all to wrap our arms around ourselves, forgive and heal for humanities sake.

Online Courses & Trainings

Mantra Meditation (Levels 1 & 2)


A step-by-step mantra based meditation (TM) to cultivate a calm and balanced nervous system.  Experience the benefits even after your first session.  Access 'alpha brainwave state' for clarity and learn a powerful way to self-orientate for greater health, happiness and peace. 

"Mantra is the vehicle for the inward movement of the mind and this is a word that is used for its sound value only"

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Restore Reset - 21 day course 


The step-by-step home & office guide to achieve flexibility & pain-free living in the next 21 days without years of frustration.

  • Gain more energy & feel good!
  • Deepen your sleep by stretching.
  • Restore movement - Arthritis sufferers.
  • Improve flexibility & freedom to move.
  • Increase sports performance (golf, tennis)
  • Key secrets of 'Ageless living & being.'

Zen Playroom (online yoga)


Each week by guided how to re-align with your inner compass and connect to your true essence. Zen Playroom yoga is 10-week term yoga journey begins tonight.

Regenerative, restorative and relaxing to transmute, transcend & transform mind-body.

All levels accommodated. A bespoke experience.

About Zoe-Anna


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight as a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin

My studies began 30 years ago with western medicine & healthcare as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. My curiosity & soul journey attracted me to the east with a curious exploration to the cause of disease (metaphysical) and the mystical & supernatural of the occult.

A path of pain, dysfunction and imbalance guided me to studying the eastern scientific teachings.

My lineage in Transcendental Meditation was through my teacher Donald Shakes (Australia) who trained with Carol Maher (Sydney) who trained directly with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought TM to the west. I have never been associated with the TM Institution.

Teachers appeared, guiding me under their wing all with intense studies to include, Raja Yoga, Primal Movement, Tantra, Pranayama /Breath work, Womb/Yoni Healing and Somatic Bodywork.

A path of embodiment, to teach & guide those 'willing' and ready to commit to the discipline. The practices require lovingly tender and diligent integration by the student.

I strive for self-mastery and there is a process of integrity & discernment to honour the process of 'self-regulation & self-orientation' of the individual.  I support each individual with the highest level of honesty, honour and respect so increasing levels of consciousness are integrated gradually & safely.

Accountability & integration are keys to unlock the wisdom from the inside out as this is a journey to access the secrets of the universe.

Forever the student of self. The more we come to know through embodiment, the more we realise how much we don’t yet know.

A devotion of SADHANA, translating to 'a daily spiritual practice.'