Men & Women are equal value and different for valid reasons.

February 25, 202219 min read

“Men are worth $1 and women are worth 100 cents, as you can do a hell of a lot more with 100 cents!” - Elsa Rabold

My intention is to allow the timeless essence and powerful free spirit of Elsa Rabold to speak through this feminine vessel of intuitive senses (cents). It is time to celebrate the change makers and shapeshifters, that embodied this feminine wisdom and life force magnetism. It is time to honour all the great women that came before and opened doors for others to explore. Elsa Rabold, you were and are a timeless RARE breed that created waves upon the earth's grid, honouring your Spirit, heart centred service  and name.

Let us celebrate the creative and sensual power of the strong feminine as we strive towards living together in peace and harmony, yes, as men and women on the new earth. It is key to understand and respect our differences as we are different for a reason. God made women into sensual works of art for a reason and much of the ancient mysteries where placed into the feminine, to honour the sacredness and minimise its misuse.  To my beautiful friend, Tania Wursig, granddaughter of Elsa. Thank you for your childhood stories and introducing me to the rich and colourful tapestry of Elsa. What an inspirational and powerful force of nature and true expression of the raw feminine, and an essence we each embody with grace.

Elsa Rabould iconic yoga teacher


The feminine represents resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness, flexibility, abundance, elegance, magnetism, simplicity, beauty and an inner strength that rises beyond all and any adversities. Feminine sensuality has been repressed, shunned, shammed and misused and this is still happening in 2022.

I am drawn to the potent words from the 90’s from a newspaper article, “The importance of being earnest about yoga” By Elsa Rabold. 

Source : Sunshine Coast Local paper

"The 90’s as we already know, will be a very controversial decade, leading us to the next century.  The optimists will say: The future never looked so good. She goes onto agree, and recognises that humanity is having a much wider understanding of our fragile beauty of our fascinating planet, and the dramatic awareness for the necessary voluntary simplicity in our lifestyle is key to secure the chances of our survival."   

Elsa mentions that the pessimists are right too, as there is an unsettling decline in the genuine qualities of life, hidden behind the facade of what we are told is in progress.

“ And yet, little has really changed if you look back at the history of men on earth from the known beginnings” - Elsa Rabold

This hits you between the eyes: nothing much has changed, and here we are in 2022 and the same facade of lies and lip service from baboons plays out, without progressive action to restore harmony.


I sit and ponder and it is so clear that not much has changed by the masculine leading the way and fighting to be in power. The thirst for greed, power, consumerism and the drain upon our beautiful planets natural resources all to seek wealth and global domination. Added to this is the way the, feminine was labelled as neurotic for having emotions, having a voice has been seen as crazy, unstable, chaotic and fragile. She has been shamed for her sensually free expression, and if she had a healthy sex drive was termed something derogatory. Over the years her sacred resources fed off by lust, greed and power. She has been seen as a way to make money and not honoured in her glorious wholeness of inner-sense (innocence). Many men have also experienced this by having their life force and innocence fed off, by predators. I call this sacred inner essence as the Holy Spirit of Golden light. It is our SHINE!

Over the years, women’s vulvas have started wars, many died fighting over vulvas, and at the same time women have ceased wars with the power of their vulvas. The wise women of the Tribe were the ones calling the shots, to protect the sacred and the innocent. Each cent within the purse of 100 cents, is in a purse for a reason! Another reason why we are blessed with pubic hair, as a form of natural protection.

 Think about what the world can do when more women that embody this natural feminine essence are leading the changes for restoring harmony, peace and co-creation upon the earth. To sit in sacred circle and have very real, uncut conversations where the sacred earth is honoured and the ancient wisdom, and teachings of natural law become the way.

Yes, a circle where men and women sit together! Real conversations, with no BS of lip service and the 'easily offended' observe, until invited to sit in peace.There is a path of initiation, rites of passage. 

It takes diligence to nourished the seeds and a tending to them everyday, this is a way of yoga. This is also the stuff that happened behind closed doors and the feminine creative essence.  A woman that embodies this discipline with a healed and balanced their inner masculine (Her sword/protector) becomes a powerful force of nature. There is a reason why she is 100 cents as she has the capacity to do many things with absolute focus moment to moment. As this shift happens where each individual starts to take responsibility for self the external power plays & control no longer have a hold on the individual. Yoga is a path to knowing thy self and is a path for the masculine and feminine to come into harmony with self and nature. 

The beauty is within the simplicity of life. To let go of all suffering, as this too shall pass. Yet, humans seek power and control. Driven by fear and competition.

When you only have $1 you hold onto it with everything you have as what you cling to brings suffering.

When you have 100 cents in your purse, you are more free and giving.  Each cent have be spread around, this comes back 100 fold. 

The masculine is direct action, finite manifest, the feminine is fluid, expansive & infinite

The masculine is the container for the feminine to unleash into. Both co-exist and both are vital.

It is a dance and each play a key role as both are within and it is up to the individual to take responsibility to simplify their lifestyles.  As each individual loosens their grip on control, greed and seeking external power, trusting and surrendering into the art of allowing grace begins to flow and the world begins to balance.  It is the feminine that leads the masculine into higher realms as women hold the power and the codes into higher states.  We are calling out for men to step up and hold space to shift beyond unrestrained lust & desire. 

Perhaps, then there will be no more games of survival, as no one will be left behind and we return to simplicity and a world that THRIVES. After all, it is fear that keeps the individual bound in survival. Fear of rejection is a big one. There will be no more scarcity and abundance for all that tap into the 100 senses and the magnetic feminine art of being. 

I love the K.I.S.S analogy by Elsa :

Keep a strict rule in mind, pin it on the wall.

K - Keep 

I - It always 

S - Safe and 

S - Simple

Let me be clear, we do not need more women that act like men!

There is deep healing to be done and this is one reason why I am here. The layers of protection run deep and much is from the armour is self-created to protect themselves in the male dominated corporate world. Thankfully, men have been shifting and so too are women. 

 We need women that are unapologetic in their feminine essence and stand in their essence and truth. A woman that knows her own inner masculine truly honours the men in her life, especially her sons. If sensuality and comfort for men was not part of our essence and role as a woman, why did God make the feminine body a work of art?

Having said this, It is not woman's role to re-fuel a man with her sacred sensual essence when he feels down. This is for him to stir up and learn how to access within himself. She will close up fast if she has any reason not to trust him as instinct is instinct and a woman's womb codes are sacred. They see the unseen, feel the unspoken and reveal the once hidden.

Elsa Rabold yoga icon

“Spirit is felt beyond the size of a vessel, pure radiance in a being is a boundless glow”

Yoga as a way of being.

Yoga is to remember the simplicity of life and living within our highest of intentions. It is the resistance that we meet on and off our mat in life’s playing field that becomes the greet & meet, a potent pause, a tender caress, a curiousness all to explore. Be courageous to stay and notice what happens, energy is ever releasing to reveal the gifts emerging into the space. This is the medicine within each present moment, that the $1 way of being can miss. The feminine is an observing as the willing student, growing, releasing and learning to know thy self. Resistance is conformation that progress is playing out and life is accelerating into your most magical blossoming.  Like a seed that grows and shoots unsupported up from the moist earth, it follows the paths of natural ordered wisdom. We each like the seed/shoot need daily loving nourishment of the earth, water, light & love. Our key foundations in order to grow. And yet, even in the most barren and hostile of environments, the shoot will always find a way to rise.

There is urgency in a masculine world, urgency dissolves in the feminine realm. You cannot control the world outside and yet, you can harmonise the world within.  The feminine doesn’t see one way, she seems many different ways.  She sees a wider perspective of life, even her vision is wider. 

Men and women each play a vital play and together create harmony when their true inner essence is radiated above and beyond.

If men are only $1, then it is key for a man to find his divine soul purpose and express it in action.  He becomes purposeful and this is a key to his focussed mission.  This impacts his health, happiness and sense of value in the world. This happiness he then wants to then share with those he loves, his family. 

To witness a man in his strong and fierce warrior spirit is sexy and to then see him hugging his fellow brothers, dancing and singing embracing his feminine, this is the real truth of a man. Men were hunters, and women cared for the young and gathered. Women honouring their curves and oozing sensuality, a softness to return home to, the dancer, the warmth of the love within the family. This concept we have lost in western society, the concept of Tribe. Tribe and love is the glue that brings communities together. Where couples were supported to spend time alone in the arms of one another, children looked after by the Tribe, as family. This is the norm in Tahitian culture.

This we have lost in Australia and globally. 

Only a few rare communities of these exist.

If a woman is 100 cents, part of her role is to honour his soul purpose.  This is where much of society has got lost. She is a KEY.  A man with a great woman next to him, he thrives.  Yet, a woman does not need a man to thrive.  Yet, she choose to couple when one worthy comes along. She will seek out the strongest, most resilient in the tribe.  As women raise the bar, the masculine ignites his inner fire. If she is too easy, he cares not too much for the chase. 

SHE is a driving force that compels him to do and be better. 

SHE has within her mysterious depths into higher states of consciousness. 

SHE is the driving force he wishes to make the world a more peaceful place.

SHE is the golden nectar of eternal life, when she lives by her core essence. 

SHE is the one he confides in as he recognises her wisdom, when SHE values her and his worth.  

As women, we are designed to multi-task as we have direct access to our INTUITIVE (inner-senses/cents) gifts.  The feminine spirit is playful, kind, strong, compassionate, imaginative, sensual and creative. A body that is welcoming to soothe and embrace the raw masculine determination, and the ability to balance it all in a heartbeat. Men are simple creatures, a woman yields in openness, surrendering with ease as he penetrates her with is masculine drive. The feminine and masculine ‘lock & Key’ unite in total balance of surrendering into one another. In the love making, he softens into her, his creativity restored and she breaths into his strong essence, a union where time pauses. 

The 100 senses woman embodies a clever persona to interchange masks, to weave between the stands of life. Mother, friend, lover, chef, performer, artist, creator and so on. She has the ability to be the master weaver, and the arts are her craft. The Poet, the Scribe, the Artist, the Dancer, and of course the Mother. A powerful creature that has to ability to give birth to another human being, now that,  is insane. 

Elsa in headstand with Anouk as a baby, great granddaughter, daughter of Tania,  and granddaughter of Oma (Tanias mum).

Lady over 70 in Headstand


The balance shifted with more men shifting into the feminine and losing their masculine essence to hunt and gather. Relationships based around balance of household chores and bickering about mindless stuff, often become dull as both have lost their inner spark, afraid of offending one another, ending up like flatmates, like sleepwalking passing ships in the night. Men have become obedient in society and giving up their inner voices, all to drop into line.

Women who may have wanted to stay home to raise their children felt the pressure to return to work due to lack of family support and the cost of raising a family with no tribe to support a couple. Life has changed so much, and it’s about working together and embracing the differences that are part of our genetic make-up. This is where sisterhood in the community is key and restoring a community's responsibility for all raising a child. Society has become fragmented mostly due to the ‘fight for survival’, scarcity and fear of not being supported and holding on to the $1 ‘just in case.’

Sadly, many crafts are now dominated by men, the women not getting seen in the same realm of honour or realm. WHY?

Men stand together, supporting one another, they are straight with one another, respect and honour is a given. They are driven by results.

Women may stand together, then behind the back many play fake niceties of bitching, comparing, competing or slaying one another, in a race to get to the top. They are driven by fear. To be the best, look the best and fear what they may lose. They are slowly suffocating and it is one of the biggest turn offs for men!

Feminism has turned women into men, thrown away their feminine natural power and created a concrete wall of vagina! Feminism did not empower women instead it dressed up patriarchy in another 'dress up.'

I see angry women, looking like men. Thinking they were breaking free, and yet it has done the complete opposite. It has created an environment where many men are bending over backwards, becoming more feminine and taking one for the team in submission! They have given up their voice, their balls and there is no action or passion in the marital bed as they are repelling one another.

We are different for a reason.

We are not the same.

The balance has tipped too far the other way with more pressure on men to do more and women so obsessed with training to sculpt their bodies, chasing the high powered careers, and building up a concrete exterior as they think they have to act like men. This is not feminine empowerment!

Women complaining that men are not doing or being enough! They may look like women, yet their energy is cold, brash, defensive, mechanical and men are confused and lost. They are taking their man for granted that they share a bed with, and many are not loving or caring. 

It has shifted from self-love to feminine narcissism.

True warrior men are longing for deep connection, and with one woman that takes responsibility for self, in all aspects of her life. He is tired of the complaints, the whining with what is wrong, doing everything to fix what she is not happy about.  Fuck it is tiresome. He loves meaningful conversations of realness, minus fake pretenses, not caring if your hair is out of place, he loves the inner wild, hair roughed up whilst snuggled in bed. It gives him permission to be free and be himself, minus the fake pretenses of niceties and what's in it for me to deal. He longs to be SEEN, honoured, celebrated and loved.

Men are longing for an articulate woman, that can interchange conversations with eloquence and poise, and wow, a woman that owns her walk and talk. She is strong, soft, courageous, free, raw, sensual, feminine, happy and very real. Vulnerability by owning her truth, unafraid to express emotions deep from her heart, and not a woman that cries at the drop of a hat.  She demonstrates kindness for all, a woman who turns heads as she enters the room, elegance and poise of the feminine spirit.

I hear Elsa, in her SÂCHICH (SEXish) accent :

“Stand up straight, pull your shoulders down and back. If only you knew how beautiful you are,  but you are much more beautiful if you stand up straight!!”

There is a magnetism that others desire, and that is exactly what I can teach you as this is exactly what I embody.  Ask the men and the women that embody this.  I am not a threat, I am your greatest ally,  women.

The Great Mother Earth supports us, when we ask and command from my hearts.

The Great Mother Earth takes back what we no longer are to carry.

The Great Spirit supports us, when we dance and rejoice upon her flesh (earth)

The Great Spirit dances from root to crown, radiating out our inner light.

The Great father skies blow winds, rain for purification and change.

The Father sky sends bolts of lightning, roaring thunder to shake it up.

We are earthlings, walking one another home.

We are spirit and we are sensual beings of love.

Nature cannot be controlled.

The feminine cannot be controlled.

Chaos & stillness work as ONE.

I wish to honour all the women that multitask, that get shit done and the stuff many never see. To the strong backbones of women that have led and held tribes together for centuries, and that understand and respect the power they have within society. The tides have changed and it is the feminine Rising, and this rising I began writing on in 2017, and wow, here we are.

Four Generations

Four generations of strong women

From gaining richly warm insights into the depths of Elsa, through Tanias words and the many pictures, I feel blessed to have been able to fully immerse myself into this phenomenal woman’s essence.  An inner sensing to who Elsa was as she dances forever free within the canvas of infinity.  I see her upside down in Sirsasana (headstand) eyes closed and poised in full focus and grace. We are all connected by Spirit. I feel her within my words and a kindred spirit, larger than life that radiated magnetism and passion wherever she showed up. I giggle as my yoga teaching style feels very familiar with Elsa’a. To take people on a journey and to encourage them to explore a life of yoga on and off the mat, and most importantly to be still and stay when you want to leave a posture.  A practice, known as a discipline, is to give your full attention with uninterrupted presence or simply, don’t do it at all.

My path is very similar to my own mother introducing me to gymnastics as a child, then later exploring Yoga in my 30’s and still popping up into headstands at 50, I look forward to continued yoga well into my 90's.

Else Rabold, born in Germany, emigrating to Australia in 1953 and is an Icon of Australian Yoga, who was still teaching yoga classes on her 90th birthday. She walked, breathed everything she stood for and this I refer to as a rare breed. I would like to honour Tania, a woman I love, adore and respect that is a pioneer in the art world. A woman that captures the raw feminine spirit and the beauty of the Goddess. It is the dancers, artists, poets /writers and creatives that are here to give hope within a world that sees so much loss, hate and suffering. At this close, I am drawn back like a sweet magnolia to the words at the beginning:

“And yet, little has really changed if you look back at the history of men on earth from the known beginnings”.

Let us not forget Elsa's words spoken 30 years ago!

Elsa Rabold

One thing I have personally learnt is, humans are slow learners and hardwired to excuses. 

Yoga is a great way of beginning to break the pattern and to be the change you wish to be in the world. 

The Feminine has RISEN and it is time for voices to express from a healed perspective. To shine your radiance within your creative unapologetic expression. Men stand alongside us, poised, proud and be willing to listen. It is time for us to unite as this is not about making men wrong, either.


Originally written & published 25/02/2022.

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